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    @ all the admins of the servers list:
    There is a player, a banned player (from official servers) that might be seen in one of the public mod servers
    Some of u know hi by the nick “Apollo Tangment”. For all who don’t knows who is he: He is a banned player that has a long “chart”-history here. He is rude, disrespectful, sometimes monipulative.
    He, when he wasn’t aprooved to be admin, just broke all rules of this forumsgame..which some of em he founded…and completly ruined ALMOST any good thing here.

    It is, ofcours your call what to do with him if u see him on your server.
    If any of u want, logs of his past in here are in the archive on privet admin forum. If u need them any of the admin on the official servers can send u.



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