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    ref a pm from laptop

    From: Laptops Daddy
    To: JiNx
    Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 10:22 pm
    Subject: please explain
    how come u were suddenly like i’d killed your pet hamster? i don’t understand (really). is someone else pretending to be me?

    last time u were in room… [laptops daddy: *insults bdamage*] [jinx: *grr bd is friend*]

    is that right?

    (or did u just feel like acting like an asshole?)

    my answer to this and anyone please feel free to comment

    If you decide to go fishing and cast out a line
    And you used the correct bait and received the bite that you wanted and hooked the fish on
    then you feeled the fish in and mission accomplished

    Why then question the result of which you intended to get in the first place 🙄



    Put one on the fryer for me too.


    Laptops Daddy

    i’m really trying

    laptop has the rod. is that right?

    wait, course it is

    i never fish

    (against my religion you know)

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