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    On another note too, if you stuck in first person view and your shooting over a hill at someone, how are you suposed to aim? If your first shot misses and you cant see the crater from your point of view you wont know how to compensate for your prior miss.

    So youd realy have to have it set up with weapons that only can fire in a straight line easily. Then have alot of fuel (or infinite) so you can easily position yourself to take the next shot. I realy think you should check out bobirov’s mod. Check the mods icon in the top right corner.



    Operation Scorched can be found on the Scorched 3D project’s files section here. It is very similar to what you are describing. There is no locked first-person camera though, as thats not currently possible without code changes.



    look thanks very much for all the adivse but i dont want the camera *stuck* on view cause that will complicate things if a player is trapped in a bowl crator and wants to shoot at something, all i want is the models with a projectile(just found out how to do them) and the weapons them selves say like shotgun from apoc and railgun from shockmod.



    But that doesn’t make your mod first person…

    IDK how you are going to make this possible without editing the scripts for the game itself and all…

    Also you definitely need to take a look at some of the other mods.

    Seriosly, you can’t make a good mod (especially a mod like this) without taking at least a peek at the the ones already available.

    Like what the others have suggested, take a look at op scorched.

    Please realize that we are only trying to help you make a successful mod.

    Take advice from old pros like Thrax and Inductive One.

    They know what they are talking about.



    ok shall we just call it models instead of modificatins cause i tryed the first person scripting today and ended in disaster :S ill try again and see how it goes but if i cant then ill just post the tank models here.

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