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    Napalm was indeed in the original Scorched Earth, I used it all the time I should know. 🙂

    I dont remember using it, but perhaps i was playing a very old version of scorch or something. I have read about lasers but dont remember ever seeing lasers either. I played the “mother of all games” back in the early 90’s i dunno what the weapons were anymore.
    Thanks for the correction anyway Bobirov

    Napalm was introduced in version 1.1 while the Laser was not included until the last version (1.5). You must have had good ol’ version 1.0.

    On a side note, it looks like Gavin is working on 38.1

    “Things I am currently looking at:
    Napalm does not now work under water (I’ll not change this again 😉 )
    Camera does not follow meteors or other environment actions
    Users can turn IP authentication off
    Talk text appears under other windows
    Fix camera presets”



    Well BOY that is an interesting concept – I dunno if I’d like it or not but – however it still would not cause damage to a unit. Being underwater and all :).

    Oh and Deathstryker I too recal napalms, they were one of my favs when the AI would turn on sheilds. a fire buildup between sheilds and/or cliff. 😈

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