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    Hi Elad :

    It is with great sadness that I read of your intended departure.
    Hopefully, you will reconsider. Your love for the game has never
    been something that I doubted. Your understanding of English is
    what I have always credited as being the cause of the problems
    you have had here, using your powers and voicing your opinions.

    The admins were out of control.
    I expected you to do something.
    You supported the lawlessness.
    That was unpleasant to witness.

    BOY did what had to done.

    @apache64d wrote:

    Good bye,
    Enough for me.
    I’m quiting this forum.
    I can’t stay in a place that goes the way it goes. Can’t be a part of selfish one man-actions. Can’t be in a place that an admin can do what ever he wish by his on..and did thigs his way or no way. Ignored other admins. Lied about other admins. Used “he im better the u” language…joined a player that was on the bottom of the list to be an admin (Rommel)…and kept ignoring critisizm from admins and players. This is more sad because if I would be the one the do all this things I would get “stoned” and “hey what the heck are you doing?”
    I remember that I got “shouts” for every little thing I did (little..)..and comes other admin and just do what he wish… Sorry, this is not my way. This is not me.
    See ya, Good Bye. Been good many years.


    About me becoming an admin :

    Llife can be funny like that sometimes. Expect it and try to be prepared.

    I hold you no ill will and hope that after reconsidering, you can agree that we
    need to be working together to reform the group, not splintering it further.

    As with the rest, I am looking forward to working with you soon.





    well this sucks..

    Bye Mr. Apache 😥



    You will be missed apache…

    I don’t understand one bit why all this sheet had to hit the fan…..or maybe I’m one of those “out of control admins”?

    Admins aren’t supposed to be control freaks. In fact if we were there would be alot of folks banned from the game.

    Oh well…. #-o
    Take care Apache.



    I wish you the best in all you do. Do not quit the forum… take a beak from the forum. I hope you change your mind-You are one of the diverse people here with strong opinions.

    I will miss you-Play on the servers with us sometime.




    this thread is hilarious

    so boy took over the whole world?



    I’m glad u enjoied.



    oh i don’t just mean because you’re quitting the forum, it’s the whole civil war thing with boy and his new drone army

    i bet their opposers are considered terrorist dogs 😆



    Sorry to see you go Apache we have had some fun times.



    Nice to see Comedown checking back in…..also the Irishman is back! Yay!

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