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    Crispy Critter

    I’ve put together a working RPM (and SRPM) for v40 on Fedora Core 5 x86_64.


    • This is not an official release!
    • Please don’t download this unless you are running a Fedora Core 5 x86_64 system.
    • I do not guarantee that these will work on your system, even though they do on mine.
    • I don’t have a 32-bit Fedora Core 5 installation to try the SRPM on, so I only have an x86_64 binary package.
    • It is modified to disable bird sounds by default, since they cause crashes on my FC5 x86_64 installation.
    • I also get occasional crashes after quitting a game. This doesn’t seem to cause any harm for me.
    • I may temporarily or permanently block access to the full packages if bandwidth demands become excessive. The spec/patch tarball is small enough that I can keep it available.


    • Binary Package
    • Source RPM includes all patches and modified spec file
    • Tarball with spec file and patch files

      Spec/Patch tarball:

      This is vastly smaller than the full source RPM, but it depends on you already having the official S3D tarball, and being familiar with how to build RPM packages.

      If you already have the official S3D tarball, a copy of it should go into your RPM build tree in the SOURCES directory. Then untar the Spec/Patch tarball in the root of your RPM build tree, and it will put patches into SOURCES and the spec file into SPECS. If you have the prerequisites, rpm -bb Scorched3d.spec from the SPECS directory should build the packages for you.

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