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    Feature Requests:

    New WeaponGiveMoney primitive.

    We have everything else, why not be able to give money to the player as well? Seems like a simple, logical powerup addition.

    Ability to limit max turning rate of boids.

    They have a tendancy to make sharp turns at times, which is fine when you’re talking about birds. But there are a lot of other things which can fly in the sky, and they have different handling characteristics. It would be nice to adjust this.


    Boids getting stuck flying sideways and jittering

    It seems like single boids (boids with 1) have a tendancy to get stuck flying at a 90 degree roll to the right. When they get stuck like this, their heading rapidly rocks back and forth by about 10 to 20 degrees. It doesn’t look very boidlike.. 🙂

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