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    @majordisaster wrote:

    An alternative: tank upgrades. All would be persistent across the whole game (like auto defense):

    I agree that giving induvidual tank models advantages or disadvantages opens up an avenue for cheating. I think that giving the tanks themselves differences is a big step away from the original scorched earth.

    I think purchasable tank upgrades are definately the way to go, if you’re going to give players the ability to modify tank behaviour at all.

    Asthetically, I want to pick any tank model I want without having to worry if the attributes of said model match my playing style.

    That said. A feature I’d like suggest:

    When setting up a custom game, I’d like to define the bots and human players before starting the client, and save the settings as different game profiles. So if you want to start a 23 bot + 1 human simultaneous game, you don’t have to go through the trouble of giving all the bots names, and setting their AI levels every time.

    I realize that a similar effect can attained by setting the game up and then saving the game before round 1 starts, but if I want to change a setting, a bot’s AI level, or even just add another human player to the profile. I have to go through the whole process again.




    A few other ideas:

    Airdrops: If you’re going to introduce weapon caches, you might consider airdrops as well. Where weapon caches can randomly parachute onto the battlefield.

    Tow cables: can be fired at an opponent to drag them down from a high perch, or pickup airdrops and pull them to you from a distance. The light weight of the grapple and cable could be fired over a greater distance than your normal weapon power might allow so you can bring someone within range if your tank is low on power, or the opponent is simply too far away to hit with a normal weapon.

    Cash awards:
    These awards could be turned on or off by the server admin as seen fit. And should be small awards that promote fair play, fancy shooting, or skill.
    Some would be awarded immediately for great shots wile others would be awarded at the end of the round for other feats.

    Examples –
    ➡ First Blood: award for being the first to cause a death per round.
    ➡ Multiple kill: award for killing two or more opponents in the same turn.
    ➡ Trick shot: award for using a rubber or teleport wall type to dispose of an enemy.
    ➡ Hangtime: award for being the player to hang a missile in the air the longest before scoring a hit on a enemy.
    ➡ Showoff: award for using a high arc shot where a straight shot at 1000 power would’ve done the job.
    ➡ Survival: award for surviving 3 rounds without dying.

    I’m sure that people could come up with many other awards to offer over the course of a round.



    a couple of ideas.

    could it be possible to make it so you could have a weapon call a shield?
    You could have weapon A call shield A for one turn, at beginning of next turn the shield would turn off if it was still intact.

    Other idea, have shield A fires weapon B when a weapon hits shield A.

    I still wonder if it could be possible to have a hover unit that would replace the parachute. (could be feed with fuel)

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