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    One thing I have noticed: In the in-game menues, you will have to click EXACTLY on the text, else it won’t work, and nothing will be selected. But whenever you hold your mouse over the “slot” in the menu, it will glow. Why not glow->push to select?
    Took me quite a while of frustration to fint that out 😀

    Another thing: when you folow a missile, it can sometimes be hard to tell if it was a near-hit or a near-miss. Only way to find out is check: Do I got any money? But to do that, you will have to see your tank… Isn’t it posible to make a field in the lover rigth corner of the screen, showing how much money you’l got, an when you get more money, show how much over (like in Counter Strike i guess). That would be great!



    Ok, m8. I’ll look into it.



    Another feature that would help with targeting is to show the flight path of the projectile(s) in the overview map in the upper right corner of the screen. Nothing fancy, just a little moving dot would be helpful.




    And if the map had updated as you blew the terain to hell… And the textures changed. (make a real “scorched” look)

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