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    After listening to BOY for a few lines regarding the buy menu; it occured to me:

    Of all the toy’s people use.. why not have a buy/favorites menu?

    It can be a seperate tab of it’s own, right between teh “buy accessories tab” and the “sell” tab. It could contain any item marked as a favorite regarless if its a weapon or sheild. A person add’s an item from the normal purchasing menu’s, only once ever on a server (meaning its saved per server) must an item be added to the favorites.

    A person removes an item from the favories menu; though the favorites menu.

    The favorites menu would in purpose be used to simplify things for those who buy only select weapons. This especially could be useful for other server’s such as Apoc which contains dozens upon dozens of weapons. to shift though each and every can be a timely task.

    The favorites would only operate as a purchasing menu, to sell objects a person still needs to use the selling menu.



    @willis wrote:

    After listening to BOY for a few lines regarding the buy menu; it occured to me:

    Of all the toy’s people use.. why not have a buy/favorites menu?

    I really was ranting wasn’t I 😡 LOL, this has been frustrating me now and then, always when it seems important for the win.

    Your ideas are, as always, awesome, willis

    Two issues that happen to me often, screwing me over many times.
    The main reason they happen is due to timer. I start by moving the buy screen asside…. survey positions of players…. begin to select weapons (its round 10)

    issue 1:
    I buy my shields and other things, really want a DH but am hard pressed for cash. I see that I have 39K left. I realize that I can still get 2 Funkys, sell one and sell one or two things and then still get a DH. Perfect, yet timer is now down to 2… Selling… Selling…. for… switching to buy…. Looking… scrolling… click DH…. shows purchase but too late to register… Result…30K in bank and lose round 10 and game after winning 3 rounds in a row to come from nowhere.
    (still basically my fault but, I digress…..)

    Issue 2:
    after surveying, then buying 2 of an item and upon double click, the buy screen moves itself back to middle…. Lo and behold the second click lands right smak on the damn OK button!! 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

    Willis’ idea is awesome, and I also like the idea of having the sell button added off to the left side of the item in the buying section. I think this would make things simpler and easier. Either idea or both, would be good.

    ‘twould be nice if the displays were able to be customized to a limited degree. especially so that they remember where they are put for the duration of the game.
    (Gavin is prolly tired of me raising these issues — LOL 🙄 ).



    Heheh, you said “teh”…. … …… ….

    Anyway, I think it’s a nice idea. Go Willis! Counter-Strike Source just had the same idea applied to it a few months ago. It’s very helpful. Don’t you see? It’s the way of the future!



    @boy wrote:

    Issue 2:
    after surveying, then buying 2 of an item and upon double click, the buy screen moves itself back to middle…. Lo and behold the second click lands right smak on the damn OK button!!

    How many times I also have done that I can’t count.

    Or I’ll move the window TOO far off the edge of the screen so that I can’t grab the window & move it onto the screen to buy/sell.

    Very aggravating.


    guy parker

    I’d like to make this suggestion if someone has not already made it before… OK, it’s obvious that a lot of the better players will “have a look around” before you buy at the start of a round. This is an invaluable tactic, but to do so you have to slide this buy screen out of the way… how about having a button on top of it to minimize it so to speak. I don’t care if it’s like windows or like a mac, just something to make it small and bring it back to full size easily.

    One other thing to note, i’ve also accidentally bought things before while having a look at the map before the buy menu appears! And then it appears and blam I’ve bough something when I just meant to shift the view over…. that sucks, but the buy icons are on the far right so it has only happened once or twice.



    Ok made a few changes for a start…

    1) The dialog does not re-center at all after it has been moved.
    2) There are sell tabs next to all the items in the buy tabs
    3) There are buy tabs next to all the items in the inventory

    I am wondering the best way to specify favourites?
    Should it be the last x number bought, or specified through a check box or other means?

    Also I am still thinking about the mod being able to catagorise weapons, do people still think this is good idea?



    Woohoo the site is back up!

    BTW, nice work Gavin.



    Nice work Gavin! Am looking forward to that new version!

    I reckon check boxes next to items in all tabs (incl the Faves tab) to select or deselect something as a fave. Selecting something in the other tabs should add that item to the faves tab (while leaving that item in its original tab).

    Deselecting something in the faves tab should remove it from that tab immediately. That way, one wouldn’t have to go through all the tabs to find stuff one has selected so one can then deselect it… much more efficient I think.

    Just my preferences… 🙂



    guy parker

    woa… wait are we still going to be able to see how much you can sell an item for? i really like to know in case you need something very close, otherwise it’s kind of a guess by this screen how much you’ll get selling something. i didn’t see that information listed and i know there’s no way we’ll be so lucky to buy and sell at a 1:1 ratio….

    but i like the inventory screen, that’s a great idea.


    Apollo Tangent

    I like it a lot.

    However I’d like hear some opinions on making the Buy Menu Semi-Transparent (maybe by a key toggle). ie: assign a key to make it transparent.

    Kind of like Naked GUI, well “See Through” at least.

    I thought of tinkering around with it in the past but didn’t get ’round to it.




    anyone else notice that Gavin wasn’t using the plain scorch game for the screen shot?

    But I like it



    The Buy/Sell duel feature is interesting, almost suggested that in this topic’s first post too – but I had the following concern(s):

    The next thing your gonna get is people complaining “Oh I ment to hit Buy/Sell but instead I hit (whatever opposite button)”.

    Having distinctly one tab for purchasing and a different for selling voids those mistakes.

    Likewise I do note how (not really a surprize) you cannot buy what you cannot afford – and you cannot sell what you do not have. Again logical and no true surprize, but good to take note of 🙂

    Regarding what guy parker brought up – – Marking down what a person can buy an item at – and what a person can sell an item back, to list those two figures was really a large perk to having two seperate realms of buy and sell. Right now Gavin what you will need to do is somehow duel list the prices. Which includes layout debating and expansion of the window.

    Or revert back to a dedicated sell tab. Which really voids the hope of merging the two 🙁 So lets see if we can make this work for the better…

    Agreed an easier way to temporarly hide teh Buy menu to observe would be greatly valued. As parker said this is an ” invaluable tactic” – not to sound harsh but IMO its a make or break item if you wish to call yourself experienced. Even if it was to know if you’ll live past the first shot its worth looking.

    The minimize option would be valueable; howabout this – and it solves two birds with one stone:

    The purchasing menu is no different then any other window on the screen – It can be disabled, and re-enabled? Most complaints you hear are the “I pushed OK by mistake..” what if simply a person can go WINDOWS -> BUY MENU .. or shortcut it for all I care? Most people don’t OK their work until the last seconds anyway, because they work that long in money management or observing the map.. So why not allow a person to just hit OK – observe the map – bring the menu back up – and do their work? Lets face it the only true requirment is they have it closed at the end of (timelimit).

    If that dosnt work, my only other idea would be a delay. Map Loads, and even if it is round 1 – the only time this occures is before move 1 btw – before anything starts wether it be the buy round or move 1… (fyi if its *round* > 1 … it only occures before buy round, not also before move 1) – there is a predefined delay. Maybe “5 second observe time”. At this point only your normal window’s of Wind and Map are to be seen, and there is some sort of indication of where you are right away. The game gives players 5 *or whatever host sets it to* seconds to just sit back, and observe.

    Regarding favorites menu – as suggested checkbox method would be ideal. A category grouping aproach wouldn’t hurt so by all means continue. The catch there is thats more MOD dependant to take that time to do the job well – not like we have any lazy modder’s 😉

    The only thinks that have occured to me in the favorites delema – is updates to server accessories. Say Apoc introduces 3 new weapons and their located somewhere random in the accories xml file. How can it be setup so there is no confliction in connecting favorites to xml?

    Or if a weapon is removed – renamed – rebuilt from the ground up – *list of crisis’s can go on.. *. The universal thing I can see is, when a server updates their list, its upto the end user to rebuild theirs? Basicly a server update on accessories file will wipe out the “favorites” list. However I’d have to belive there is a better way.

    Anyway thats food for thought; have fun I gotta focus on the game now 😛



    Here are a couple of ideas I have come up with…



    DS :

    The first blah2 example is ugly.

    But I like the second blah1 example.

    However, if the window were to become that big, we’d DEFINITELY need a way to quickly minimize & re-maximize it — in order to view the playing field before buying.



    I agree blah1 looks better, although it is bigger.

    How about this, although it would probably make buying selling things longer as you would have to select an item before buying/selling.

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