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    In old scorch if you have a fall and your chutes were on,the wind start to moving you,and if the tank land in a slope the tank roll donw to a stable,ii just mention asking if it can be added.

    Sorry for crapy english.



    good point,

    it would seem reasonable for the tanks to fall on any slope too steep to climb using fuel or on very steep slopes It does get a bit irratiting when a tank hangs in mid-air, theoretically just by touching the terrain on one corner.

    The wind blowing tanks away from, or into the holes would also make things more interesting, it gets a bit boring to continually dig and dig and roll, with more eratic results from diggers, i think this tactics will take more skill to master.



    Well, I also recal a unit, at least when using fuel, if it was on a tiny bump, the unit would flatten out the terrain under it. Now actually being on stable grounds.

    Slow down the decent of a falling unit and allow winds to blow 🙂

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