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    I was so bummed when the original (1.5) didn’t work on Windows 2000. Now I can get my fix again!

    1. Some noise for the increase/decrease in shot power.
    2. Yeah, some nuke effect for the big weapons!
    3. I can’t seem to get shields to turn on. How do you do that?
    4. Option for bouncy walls.
    5. More environmental options. (Hilly? Flat? Wind?)
    6. Zooming during ‘follow the shot’ camera mode turns off ‘follow the shot’ camera mode.
    7. Smoke effects….?

    Great work!



    OMG…. The memories…. I found this little gem on the CGW demo disk. I spent a minute or so thinking ‘no they didn’t remake my fav game from the pre-3d time…’

    Thanks for bringing it back.

    BTW, is there a way to D/L new tank designs? I didn’t recognize the .ase file type under meshes, but that would be the tanks, right?



    Thanks for the suggestions I will gradually put all of the features in as I get time. It is usefull to get this information as I can then choose what should go in first.



    That is correct. The .ase files are 3d studio max ascii export files. Each .ase file contains all of the information for a 3d model that can be imported and used in the game.

    In the next version there is a seperate directory for the tank meshes (datameshes anks). Every tank mesh in this directory is loaded and displayed on the tank chooser screen. This directory will also contain the tank skins (textures), several different skins can specified for each mesh.

    I only choose the .ase format because it was an easy to parse format my 3d editor (3d studio max) exported. It should be easy to add more formats to the game if required.

    The .ase format is quite nice as it provides texture, color, smoothed normals as well as the vertexs and face information. It also allows names to be tagged to each sub-model, these names are used to determine which parts of the tank move (e.g. gun and turret).



    Whoops missed a question…

    You have to buy the shields first.
    To turn on shields either press ‘s’, or press ‘d’ and choose the shield from the drop down, or choose the shield from the sheild menu.

    Any one of these should do it.

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