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    on trying to open scorched3d i get the following error-

    ERROR: Failed to parse file “c:/documents and settings/comedown//.scorched3d/display.xml”
    Parse Error, File c:/documents and settings/comedown//.scorched3d/display.xml: Line:3 Col:0 Error:no element found

    then a second alert says-

    Warning: Your display settings file (c:/documents and settings/comedown//.scorched3d/display.xml) cannot be read. This may be because it was create by an out of date version of Scorched3D.
    If this is the case it can be safely deleted.

    i have tried a fresh install but that didn’t fix the problem.

    also afterwards i opened up display.xml in notepad and saw nothing but little boxes 😕

    my game was working absolutely fine before, and i had made no changes to my settings.

    edit: ok, i just examined display.xml in notepad again, but this time i did so by clicking ‘view’ in my FTP software (no idea why, really) and this time the file showed as completely blank. no little boxes any more.

    i reckon i just need the contents of an ordinary display.xml file so that i can copy-paste & save.

    would anyone care to post this up for me?



    Hmm. I may not be totally correct on this, but doesn’t Scorched create a whole new display.xml if one doesn’t exist? Since you don’t seem to have one anyway, try deleteing your (currently blank) display.xml and restart the game.



    ahh, that works perfectly, you’re a life saver. 🙂

    i was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.



    Yer welcome. :mrgreen:

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