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    @gcamp wrote:

    @bobirov wrote:

    Well while I do have a ton of ideas about things that I think would be cool in the game, I just thought I would mention a few basic changes that I think would be helpful and somewhat easy to implement.

    All done… 🙂


    Jeez, have I told you lately that you own me.. Many thanks! 😀



    the OLNY comment you really need… 😀


    hoopy frood

    I would like to suggest an inhancement.

    How about this.

    For a small donation to scorched(gavin) you would be able to buy a personal nickname that no one else can use.

    That way other players can’t steal your nickname and play imposter.

    Don’t know the logistics of makin that happen but possible?

    Also- that blank space no nickname thing needs to be fixed. Eight people on one board with no name is crazy wacked.


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