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    @bazzz wrote:

    There is a lack of communication.

    From a development perspective there is probably a lack of communication. Hopefuly from the changes in the 43 beta people can see that their requests are being worked on but I agree its not the best mechanism.

    I’m looking at putting on a bug tracker so at least people can see progress on their suggestions.



    Gavin has been making a great effort to react to every suggestion, this wasn’t really what i was talking about but its great to get some reaction.

    Sometimes it is not clear when there is no reaction what it means, is it noted that there was a suggestion and are people working on it? Is it just a silly thing that will be ignored? Some sort of system where people get feedback. Pretty much what happens here in the forums but here it seems to be all over the place and sometimes you get a reaction. Maybe all what is needed is to train people to make a new thread in the appropriate section where there is an effort to provide feedback.

    What does development mean? If it is programming the game don’t think that needs to be more open it seems to work alright. If development means thinking about how to make the gameplay better, how to attract new players and keep them coming back and how to make it friendlier for first time use, i think there should be a more active open discussion where there is a clear line how to proceed. It doesn’t have to be public but players who want to participate should be allowed to have some influence.

    Growing this community. In my opinion there should be at least 10 times the amount of players, maybe thats too big for some maybe it is not possible. If it was that way there would always be an interesting game or two, mods would have people playing them, if you have some nasties annoying you you can find a room with friendly people.

    If this is something we choose to try we need to get behind it and make some choices how we are going to do that. There should be better communication, what does that mean? If there is a discussion and a person with his Admin hat on makes an authoritative statement only to have him opposed by another Admin takes away credibility from the people in charge creates distrust and probably hurts the game. I don’t think this can be completely avoided but these are things you should choose to avoid.

    This version has the ability to make mods with a completely different gameplay, there can be a fast paced server with a casual game instead of the hour long 10 round game in main. I think this is something that should be part of the official servers, or even a room where you drop in when you start the game.
    How exactly this new gameplay should be must be decided by the players, preferably some fairly new people, its a new game mode and people that didn’t like the old game didn’t stay for too long.

    Publicity should be a coordinated effort, there are lots of ways to spread the game. After we get the new version running with the new gameplay there should be a group of people who coordinates the publicity, write gamesites, make videos, inform old forum members of the new game, get players to do their part, etc.

    So yeah Better communication, but first we have to better communicate if this is something we want or maybe something else.



    Perhaps the thing at the heart of your concerns bazzz is figuring out how to replace the develpers we’ve lost that aren’t active any more. Guys like Bobirov. We used to have a small core of players who were both admins and developers who were pretty agreeable and all added a lot to the game. All of them were intricately aware of the game settings and workings. There was not such a problem agreeing on game settings in years past.

    Bobirov (code, apoc mod)
    cbx (code, scavenger mod)
    Willis (code)
    Deathstryker (code, publicity, wiki)
    Shockwave (scorchwars mod)
    Brain Damage (code, toybox mod)

    There are a number of others as well, you can find them all in the mods and models section.

    we’ve decreased in number of involved modders. This has been bad for us.

    I think that perhaps in light of this we really might benefit by opening the developer forums up to viewing and by being a little more free with access?

    *allow any registered members to view the forum
    *allow for a sub group of developers to post that can make minor contributions to the discussions.

    Perhaps this would allow more player interest in the game, keep people around longer?

    We also used to have polls at one time, now hardly ever because people always complained the options were not correct. So people stopped making polls. Initally this was a wonderful way to decide server issues.



    Gavin i noticed you made an elevation map for v43 with the positions of tanks on the landscape, could this be the start of a true artillery mode?




    Perhaps 🙂



    ooh 😀




    well I cant speak for others but I can speak for myself

    when your speaking about the original coders to mods that are no longer
    being developed in, yes there is some truth to what you say however
    Don’t forget to factor in sometimes we re surface & return out of nowhere
    and continue where we left off.

    other times we are lucky to have dedicated people like thrax who are
    well entrusted with taking it upon themselves to incorporate the
    necessary changes in trying to keep the mod alive.

    even after 3 years that have past I smiled when I refreshed the server list
    and saw that he made sure that all the time & efforts that we both worked
    hard together on wasn’t simply abandoned & forgotten about.

    There is another matter that discourages concept *worth consideration*
    A lot of mods have been made & forgotten about and all that time it took
    learning in/making them is pretty much useless if no one ends up playing them
    rendering the moders time & efforts pointless.

    So the reason you don’t see A lot of mods or hobby moders is not only
    because the moders all vanished.. It’s more likely rather pointless for
    the would be moders to develope something no one really ever plays
    or pays any attention to except rare occasional lan partys, or curious noobs.

    -The learning to mod process-

    *Anyone* can learn how to mod if there was a proper step by step manual
    tutorials explaining every tag aspect etc, sadly there isn’t because it would
    require endless amounts of work to create and maintain every updated change.

    so in most cases you just have to be relentless in seeking help
    *however you can*..copy/steal other mod code examples & play with it.

    I remember how I first got started by playing on robs apoc server and
    falling in love with the shockwave weapon.. hense where my name was born.

    bobirov must have felt sorry for my slow learning ability and took me under
    his wing for a short time until I got the basics, in return I gave him models
    whatever he wanted in return for his time tho it wasn’t required.
    note: I must have really annoyed him lol

    next along comes thrax and so we helped him to some extent until he was
    soon cleverly out coding even our own creative abilities, so now thrax is
    helping ArmorWraith = the cycle continues 😀

    as for the others I suspect they will return at some point..
    ..we all drift seeking to expand our horizons then eventually return to
    the place that started it all even if it’s only for a short time.

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