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    Thanks for Boy for bringing this thread to my attention, been stuffing my face instead.

    And thanks for saying that I was trying to achieve a retro look with the web site, as I am not artistic I just thought if I kept it simple it wouldnt suck so much :). I should be ok technicaly if anyone with more asthetics wants to provide some artwork or layout suggestions (in fact that would be awsome if anyone has the time). Like the logo for example, very nice! Would be good to have a high def logo. I only maintain one website (this one) and my work isn’t in this area so any web site tips are very welcome. I’ve put the link at the bottom of the page and the words on the index as suggested.

    I am in the middle of testing a new release (yes really) and when launched I want to try out some different servers (like the maps or different mod server metioned) to keep things fresh.

    Oh and the server should be running a ntp daemon now so the time should be sorted.

    Keep the good ideas coming…


    Laptops Daddy

    totally has two l’s!

    how about if you moved to a white background and had a metal plaque with something like an engraved gnu logo? animated flames – could be pretty.

    bit like this?:
    id be happy to help in any way i can with site design. could we make it a community project? i could set you up a subdomain on one of my sites, or something, or put it wherever. we could gradually prepare a duplicate mock up design, then when it was ready, you could convert the site to match it?
    black backgrounds can be very cool if you can pull it off
    ok – that’s enough messing about : )



    A test site would be good. Looking at most other game sites they all seem to be in flash these days or at least totaly animated to the max. I see the COD website has a movie embeded on it, that may be nice.



    @gcamp wrote:

    A test site would be good. Looking at most other game sites they all seem to be in flash these days or at least totaly animated to the max. I see the COD website has a movie embeded on it, that may be nice.

    NNNoooooooooo, lots of flash is horrid and OTT.
    PLEASE don’t go down the flash route [-o<

    @Kangabunny wrote:

    You know i just thought of something.

    Viral advertising, out of all the players and devs here theres got to be someone who can do some sweet art. The art would turn up in google searches and maybe draw some support from this website.

    It gets tons of hits everyday, we just need a group and a purpose lol.

    Get the following accounts.

    Theese are all high on hitlists for the teens these days.

    Something like …. A facebook Group


    Laptops Daddy

    i do agree. too much flash is a bad thing. we need just the right amount. pure flash pages are old hat and cause too many problems. theres no reason we cant integrate flash accents as part of an overall theme, though. (supplemented by image files as backup)

    i had a go at a concept using metal plates with a big red dont push me button: here
    but im afraid it’s already on the scrapheap. it doesnt work and we can do better.

    some concepts for consideration, though. gun metal and a changing message in whatever header. i could set up an xml interface for changes to messages.



    If the focus is to be on the website instead of the game, consider this :

    The lack of older players seems less likely to be related to the appearence of the web site than the operation.

    You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

    If you want to use your time wisely and effectively :

    I. – Reorganize the control unit to work as a unit.

    II. – Find and prioritize the problems.

    III. – Begin working on solutions.



    @rommel wrote:

    If the focus is to be on the website instead of the game

    It is to be as well as the game. If you have a bug report for the game please put it in the appropriate forum and I will deal with it.



    Hi Gavin :

    It is a pleasure to see you posting. Thank you for the reply.

    I can’t say that the facelift and advertisment suggestions aren’t good ideas. They are good ideas. Laptop’s Daddy is doing a fine job with the art work. His efforts as well as Kangabunny’s should be encouraged and I hope that some of their work can be utilized and not simply forgotten after this little storm blows through. However, facelift efforts do not seem to address the base problem, if there truely is one.

    It is my understanding that until a problem is properly defined, it is unlikey to be properly addressed.

    Someone posted that the servers were dead.
    The fallout from the post seems to have been
    more upsetting to many than the original post.

    Perhaps a couple of highly active players that played using a multitude of smurfs flunked out of school or lost their jobs and lost their Internet access. Having not witnessed a problem nor having seen it adaquately detailed in these forums, this discussion and the flurry of threads it has generated has been a bit confusing.

    It seems that no matter what time I decide to play, others are either playing or join in soon thereafter. Mostly new players though, not old players. If there is a shortage of players, my experience tells me that it is the older players that are becoming scarce, not the new ones.

    In any case, when I marketed my property a few years ago, I marketed it the way I wanted in spite of the advise from the real estate agent. Two years later, he pulled up his sign and told me he might like to try again in a few years but now wasn’t a good time, not even for prime locations.

    He was right, now is not a good time, not even for prime locations.

    Perhaps that has more to do with this percieved problem than anything.

    Best wishes for the coming year,




    I hate to say it, but I did get a facebook account recently. I didn’t want to, but the truth is that facebook has become a powerful tool for connecting people. I use it only twice a week or so, but the point is true. The youngsters love it.

    A facebook fanclub could be a very good thing for scorched. This should be discussed further.

    I happen to love the site layout just as it is, a few high def features would be cool though. We diffiinitely MUST keep the black background! 🙂



    Keep at it LT, you are doing a fine job. A thread specifically for those intersted in making artwork submissions might be a good idea.

    The black background and the website’s appearence in general is fine with me.

    With the rumor of a new release (subversion ??) and an extensive advertising campaign underway, the appearence of the site wasn’t what came to mind.

    Content (the Wiki and stickies) and mangagement appear in more need of attention than the appearence.

    Whenever new players and potential modders arrive it would be best if the documentation was complete and up to date. It is very frustrating to try to make something work and it just won’t work. A prime example is the setup on a Macintosh.

    “PRESS THE ENTER KEY STUPID !!!” has still not been added to the sticky note.

    Best wishes to all and keep smiling



    A prime example is the setup on a Macintosh.

    Does this not work?



    Hi Again Gavin :

    The only answer I can give you is sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    There are threads here from new Macintosh users that couldn’t play the game due their inability to save their changes to the setup.

    The reason : Unless they start out with the proper resolution, they are prevented from seeing the save and cancel buttons.

    Temporary Work Around : Press the enter key to save your changes or do whatever you were doing before (???) to cancel them.

    This is not mentioned in the sticky note for Mac users.

    Christmas time is the time for new toys. Experienced Mac users may not need this pointer but new ones seem to find the game setup troublesome. It would only take a minute or two to do this and might help get some new people playing.

    The game documentation and the official postings should be the most likely place for new users to find help. Searching the forums should be reserved as a last resort for recent and previously undiscovered problem resolution.

    Imagine the surprize people might display upon eventually finding the solution to their problem in an old and obscure thread although they found no mention of it in the official postings.

    These are the kind of things that can be cleared away swiftly. Not only that, I propose that they would do more to help present a professional appearence than changing the artwork.

    As far as the changes to the game … nothing consequential to report at this time.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. – This thread is where the problem first came to my attention :

    With several of us now aware of the problem, the wait time should be short for those posting a request for help.

    Those that don’t register, after failing to find the help they need in the offical documentation are the ones that are of concern.



    Thanks, this issue has now been fixed. Guess thats why I wasn’t thinking about it.



    Having just checked the sticky notes, I can’t find the updated information pertaining to modifying the settings or a post about the problem being corrected.

    Recent Edit : I found the second thread where a user was having the same problem and someone told them how to save their changes.


    Noted the changes and the new release. Did not find a final problem resolution report on the intial problem. [/Edit]

    This leaves me thinking that you may have modified the install package to ensure that the proper screen size is utilized upon installation in addition to seperating the material into additional tabs. If so, and if there are still sound issues with Macs, did you also default the sounds and music to off in safe mode.

    P.S. – If, after proper installation and initial game play, the user is allowed to manually select a screen resolution that moves the buttons off the screen, updating the sticky note and the docs with a description of the problem and the proper screen size seems prudent.

    Hopefully, the Macintosh button problem has been coded out of existence in it’s entirity.



    Hi all,

    Think tank been turned on for me recently. 😀

    I gathered a bunch of friends to try scorched at my house on my machines.

    Sadly they were dissapointed.

    It seems alot of people dont have the paitence or the effort to increase skill and rank , as this requires practice.

    So i asked each of them how they would improve the game, and I have come up with some new and exciting ideas, Ready? Here We Go!

    New game modes, 5 I could come up with:

    1. Artillery-current style of play.

    2. Blast-Machinegun in your face blasting action, fire as many shots as you can destroying enemy tanks in a timed round ect…

    3. Radar- First person shooter, cannot view outside of tank, use elevation map and overview map. Powerups awarded for kills such as, Recon, Nuke, Ect… Would be like a real life artillery slug out in a tank.

    4.Scurry- Avoid a gigantic firing mechanism placed on the map in realtime, while using objects,powerups, and other players to survive!

    5. Objective- Destroy strategic parts of cities, bosses, and random enemies, all in realtime to blast your way through a real time mission, or possible turn based missions.

    Theese options catered to every suggestion in my test group, they loved the idea of objective mode.

    I personally enjoy the current style of play, but others may not.

    Rommel may be right, tampering with the game and site may scare some players off, its a risk, but if we never took risks we’d never get ahead or have fun!

    I would like everyone to be aware, I can draw and use photoshop fairly well, and would be honored to use my skills to further support for this game.

    Lets get this ball rolling! 😀


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