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    Hi Friends,
    Is anyone help me to aware about different types of the firewall?
    The only thing which I know about firewall is that, firewall is used to restrict the particular web-site
    Please let me know in detail about the different type of the firewalls.
    Thanks for any help.



    YES the biggest and the most advanced these days is:
    Great Chinese Firewall 😆 😆



    Hi Andrewan :

    Unless you have a specific question, the best advise I
    can give you for now is to do the basic research required
    to get up to speed on them.

    The search terms : Firewall Hardware Software Firmware
    Should provide you with some very comprehensive links.

    After that, if you have specific questions, please ask.
    It would be very time consuming for any of us to try
    and explain things that are easily available and not a
    very good use of our time or yours (if you read what
    we had to say) before educating yourself on the basics.

    Best of luck on the search. For software solutions
    only, I use Laprosky, Leporsky, Leporsy or something
    like that … hang on, I’ll check … it’s … Kapersky.

    Jeepers, that explains why no one can find it. I’ll
    have to try to remember that it starts with a K and
    not an L the next time I make a recommendation.

    My switch/router should use a hardware/firmware
    combination but having never opened the box
    (it’s still shrink wrapped) I have no idea how it
    compares to Leprosy but I think it’s better.

    Best wishes,




    Basically a firewall allows and blocks different types of network traffic into and out of your computer/network.

    A hardware firewall is intergrated into pretty much all modern personal routers, a hardware firewall only works on network ports (virtual not actual physical port) and protocols (TCP and UDP are the main ones you might have heard of).

    HTTP generally uses TCP port 80 and 8080 and therefore allowed through by default, RDP (the protocol for remote desktop) uses port 3389 through TCP and is generally blocked by default.

    A software firewall is an application that resides on your computer and works just like a hardware firewall but goes further by adding application specific rules, but will only protect the computer it resides on, not your network as a whole (generally speaking although there’re many cases where it can be used for a whole network).
    The software firewall can be configured to only scorched3d to access the internet for example, but block all other network traffic.

    Major software firewalls you can get (off the top of my head only) are:
    Norton (aka symantec)
    Zonealarm (they have a free version)



    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Major software firewalls you can get (off the top of my head only) are:
    Norton (aka symantec)
    Zonealarm (they have a free version)

    Kaspersky ???

    That sounds like an ripp off of Norton Ghost.

    I couldn’t help myself old bean … er … nut.

    Indeed, I can’t see. Just checked my box AGAIN! You spelled it correctly.
    Now I have a way to remember how to pronouce it.




    This may help you out….I used to use Comodo(was good). . . .Now, I just use the “Web” utility in Avast.

    Firewall reviews ➡



    I know the few types and They are cirucit level firewalls, application level, state multilevel firewalls. Those are very powerfull If you use it will. You can create a most security for your PC or website….


    Laptops Daddy

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