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    I am not sure if anyone has watched or seen the quality of a DivX web based video, if you havent you should check it out, Fullscreen DVD quality with Surround sound and a much faster loading time compared to Utube.

    I have some very good examples if interested, in my opinion they are freakin specatular, I couldnt even dream of making something this cool.—Harrowdown-Hill—The-Clock—Go-To-Sleep
    enjoy 😉



    I think the main reason why everyone uses flash for vids now is because nearly everyone has a flash player and because it’s easy to install and it’s probably a little more web friendly. It doesn’t really surprise me that DivX has better quality as it is built for streaming movies whereas flash handles movies and other things like games and stuff.



    I installed, and it keeps telling me I need to install………don’t know what to do.



    Boot from a Linux CD, install the OS, it’ll just work. 😛

    (Or, just find any Linux LiveCD… most should work out of the box ;))

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