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    A couple times lately I’ve launched the game only to get an error “Failed to parse display.xml” – a quick look showed me that what happened was that my /home partition was full, so when scorched tried to write the file, it couldn’t, and left a 0 length file.

    Not a big concern, but my querstion is this: Could we (easily) have scorched only write to the display.xml file when something has changed?

    No big deal really, just involves either deleting the file and fixing the settings, or copying the file from a backup.




    I dunno about that. I kinda see it writing on start up as a kind’ve check. Better to get the error at startup then in the game. There are a lot of things stored in display.xml, including name, icon, and tank model and chances are there are som people that change these a lot. I know I’d hate to be in the middle of a game, THEN get the error when I changed something instead of giving it on startup.

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