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    Once again, I implore the admins to consider the option of making a private forum topic for complaints to the admins. @jinx wrote:

    If any player thinks that another player has been using the hack then i would like them to post here with the following information

    1) player name

    2) date and time

    3) a screen shot of the incident (press f5 to capture the pic and post it here)
    and a short discription of what happened

    admins can then look into it with all the above information and make a decision

    If there is someone here with the proper knowledge, please answer the following question.

    Is it possible to set up a topic on this bulletin board that will allow all registered users to make a post, while only allowing people with moderator or perhaps admin status to read the posts?

    Not seeing any responces in the past that indicated that this feature was not possible to implement is the reason I haven’t let go of this as perhaps the best option to prevent public blood baths of the accused before the evidence can be examined. Assuming that someone that gets reported must be guilty is a very hazardous practice. Reporting to all of the admins collectively, yet privately, alerts all of them without tipping off the accused (unless an admin is involved) and allows the admins to investigate the reports discretely and thus, more effectively.

    Also, if possible, I suggest that no one other than Gavin should have the power to edit, or delete any of the posts made under the proposed topic. That would include the original poster and the admis as well.

    The statement above has nothing to do with a recent post I made which contained a link that was edited out, as that was a puplic post and I understand. However in a private post (admins only) allowing the poster to edit or delete a post after the ball has already started to roll seems to be inviting disaster. It may be better to require the poster to send in an additional post if they find that they need to change or clarify something previously reported.

    Further, in a “private forum”, the admins have no valid reason to edit or delete anything once it has been posted, unless they are trying to hide something from the other admins since they are the only users allowed to view the posts. This method gives the admins a way to ensure that reported problems don’t mysteriously change or dissappear before they can be properly investigated.





    As always i love the sane rationality rommel uses to make his arguments, public executions wont help make s3d a better place to live, as recent posts about The Hack have proven.
    The best way to combat this is not to dig in but to look at this threat in a way that would serve s3d best.
    The more players scorched get the more likely it is that people will use hacks. Altough i dont have the technical understanding how to do it best, there should be a system to report realtime ,during a game alledged `crimes`.

    And please for everyones sake dont turn this into a whitchhunt(unless you make a whitchhunt mod where everyone shoots the whitch, ill volunteer)



    Hi Bazzz:

    Good to see that you are still around and thanks for the post. A Witch Hunt mod eh? 😉 That made me laugh. Thanks again. @bazzz wrote:

    … And please for everyones sake dont turn this into a whitchhunt(unless you make a whitchhunt mod where everyone shoots the whitch, ill volunteer)

    I assume you made that statement in jest but I think it is an excellent idea. Perhaps that is something that POM, CBX and Lap Tops Daddy might want to include in the Kid’s mod. A Holloween night scene might be nice. Witches flyng around on broom sticks, a big bright full moon to illuminate the scene, broken down creepy looking buildings, some ghosts, a few black cats, etc., etc.. A little imagination and this could become a very nice map indeed.





    Locking, with Jinx’s aprooval.


    Brain Damage

    i splitted, made sticky & locked the first post, perhaps this can be unlocked now?

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