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    Hi guys wanted to let you know about a kickstarter project I am working on with some friends.

    Over the past three years me and some friends were working on a RTS fan tribute remake of the old RTS Netstorm Island at war for 3 years in the Unity engine, our fan project caught the attention of the original developers who made the first game and they helped us approach Activision about making it into an official Netstorm II, but Activision said they thought the IP was dead and had no interest in seeing it developed further under the old IP, but we had the option of dropping the old IP and setting the game in new world and IP just same gameplay mechanics as the old game.

    We went with the second option and switched to a new IP and word, we are working with the original dev team now on creating the new art direction for the world and also the one developer Jim Greer that launched Kongregate games kicked in 10k to our kickstarter and will be increasing his backing to another 10k soon to push us to 20k backing we have also gotten a boost from Tripwire interactive on our kickstarter we are currently at 12,603$ on our kickstarter and we are trying desperately to reach 30k so we can reach our 50k goal is there are any old time Netstorm players here I hope you will check out our reboot of gameplay style and help to back us and push our kickstarter to success so we can launch further full development of DOTS..

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