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    I just had a small suggestion. besides riot bombs and other explosive (and potentially deadly) missils and such there is no way to safely extricate one self from undernieth a dirt pile in S3d. in the old game Scorched Earth (which I still play on my XP pc) there were directional “riot blasts” originating from a point (the tank) and radiate (in “V” shape) in any direction other than directly beneith a tank. this was very useful in the fact that one could escape from being burried. the only other ways were burrowing (best way but not available in S3d, maybe in future) or blasting out (very dangerous).

    so here is my suggestion. along with the lazers that our estimable programming friends are working on, could you also do “riot blasts”? this would be awesome.

    thanks for reading




    I have found baby diggers to be tediously effective at extricating oneself from spontaneously congealing mounds of soil…



    True, I have never really seen a use for them until now. I’ll have a look at it.

    On a different (but related) note, have you seen this :-
    I mean how did that happen? 🙂



    Tons of Dirt have now claimed 4 victims. Will smeone please teach me how to use them this way?



    I did this the other day a few times in single player mode. It is probably a serious bug.

    Buy fuel.
    Use fuel.
    Click to drive to a part of mound on top of you.
    Repeat click if prior click unsuccessful.

    It seems that the game does not fully understand being buried under dirt, unless you fire a weapon in to it. You may be able to drive to some parts of the mound on top of you.

    WARNING: Children under the age of 18 should NOT try this at home. Burying one’s friend and then standing back to see if he can get out is inherently dangerous. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.



    Yes, using fuel when buried will “teleport” you to the spot directly above you (straight up) and that point is used when calulating movement range.

    The same thing happens when using any roller class weapon while buried. whatever angle/elevation/power setting you use while buried, your rollers will appear on the mound directly above your spot and start rolling from that point. looks kinda like they oozed out of the ground from a magma vent or something…



    OOOOOO haha sweeet. They need to make a roller class napalm for buried death animations. You splash dust/dirt around the base of the mound, the mound drops a little in height/altitude and then napalm and smoke go off at the top.

    It is probably won’t look as cool in game as it does in my head though.



    😀 Well found.

    I’ll leave the rollers, but I will fix the movement. Sorry to spoil all the fun 🙂

    p.s. I have completed the riot blast for v38 so that should be ok.



    well, actually, i’ve known it for a while… 😳 I was hoping to use the information to wow the competition. 🙄 I may not be the best shooter, but I’ll bet I’m one of the best players! 😉



    I just wanted to say that in a previous post I requested that napalm be made to go out when dirt is piled on top of it (instead of the current rise to surface behavious). Well, since posting that I made a few weapons that actually use this behaviour (meteors) and it would be a shame to see it go now. So I would like to humbly request that my request to have this napalm behaviour altered be stricken from the record… 😳 If anything, maybe make some kind of option in the accessories file.

    Silly me,

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