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    Hey Gavin how often (if at all) are you playing on the servers? I’ll understand if your responce is sorta vague, if i was you the last thing I myself would want is people figuring out who I was and swamping me with requests / comments.



    I am not playing much at the moment, no one you would recognise anyway ;).

    I am spending most of my free time working on 38, it is so different from 37 that playing 37 just anoys me! But because I am writting it I do tend to notice the small things.



    Hmmm . . well from all the discussions plans and fixes intended .. (that I know of at least) . . is drooling allowed?

    Hate to throw a twist in subject (although the topic is n open n shut book) but, any projected date or mandatory time (ie . . “idc whats done at this point.. on this day its released”) for when 38 is expected? (foot starts tapping) 🙄

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