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    I just had this thought… U know once in a while I do get the occasional thought running through the old cobwebbed gears grinding in an old squeaky fashion.

    Im a musician, I write songs here and there, some with guitar, some with synthisizers and drum machines and all that good stuff (I’ll attach a few songs). I was thinking, why not allow ur mod to have waiting music? Like when u die, the music kicks in, and while u pick ur weapons and etc. But while ur shooting its silent. I could even make little clips for when people suicide and it makes a funny noise or something, and when u make a nice shot its somekind of glorious music. I think it would add a whole new level to the gameplay and boredom of waiting factor. Im totally willing to make the music for u, but I have no idea how it could be implemented…

    the attachment size is too small, so Just email me at
    and I’ll get them too you no probs

    Just a thought…..
    I added a pole for people too

    -Anorexic aka. Saddistic Fungus



    mmm this may not work… would be some short spans of music depending on how much time we get in the game for the various menus (i.e. buy time is not very long sometims) they would have to be snippets of music if you were going to use them for game events (like the melee combat in star control II which used short bits of music for events for each ship :I.E. Pkunk ship returnted itself to life with a choral “Halleluhjah!” sometimes after it was destroyed) I’m Not sure how well this will work in scorched Earth 3d though.

    my two cents worth




    yeah, I thought of that too. But I can make little snippets too. I just thought it would make it a bit more interesting



    You could do a choral Hallelujah for one event just for giggles and grins. 😀



    Bits of music that fade in & out would be cool.

    Also a ‘direct hit’ chord would be good – like if your shot is different enough from your previous shot in terms of angle, power and elevation and it wipes out a tank. That means that if you hit a tank through successive refinement of your aim, you don’t get the music..

    And finally, how about a UT style “Multi-kill” and “Monster Kill” announcement to help improve the value-for-money that you get from Deaths-Heads & MIRVs 😀



    I like the idea of maybe some little musical and/or sound cues for things like suicides, resigns, multi-kill shots, etc. But I dunno about waiting music or music playing while you are dead. Like some have said, they play their own music and music in the game would just interfere with their own music. Of course as long is there is an option to disable the music for people who don’t want it I guess it’d be cool. Admittedly, I generally disable in game music in favor of just hearing the raw games sounds, but thats just me and usually depends on the quality/annoyance factor of the music in question… 😀

    Get up with Gavin about it and see what he thinks about possibly adding in something along these lines.



    I dropped him a mail, hopefully he replies

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