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    My server is at

    It should be up and running anytime except 5 minutes everyday around 5:00 AM (French timezone).

    Stats are available at

    Current game idea is to have a few rounds with no buying allowed during which you accumulate money by using your aim skills only, then the so-called apocalypse happens when all players are finally allowed to spend their money on Death Heads and Nukes 😉

    There are 2 bots inhere currently.

    Suggestions and constructive critisism welcome.

    kudos to Gavin for applying my new forum idea



    Launching a challenge :
    The first player to be ranked over the 2 bots in my server stats will win a free hosting of his own scorched server on my computer – with stats too if that’s its will.

    Go kill the bots ! 😆



    You probably noticed my server was down since 37 release.

    I will make it back up running with the last version when i have some time to do so 🙂

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