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    The server is not mine.

    It is boy’s but I am sure he will see your post and do that.

    If not then I’ll run it by him.

    Nice thinking Bonfire!



    yeah it occrued to me last version when he was using ver 6 and you had ver 7 out and after he dl the content but i wasn’t sur eif he had updated yet or jsut dl..

    so maybe we include the version number along with the name so ppl get the general id which version it is.

    save them time and downloding if they already have it



    Guests left the house, nice and late, got the server going with 1.8

    ( meantioned in the MOTD)



    @boy SWEET but unfortunatly too late but its kewl..

    well i have already mention that im to apear in court tommorrow at 10 am May 25TH for a probation violation if im not back by may 25th evenign time to this post to let you all know if im a free man or not.

    that means im in jail for 89 days / 2-3 mths if im a free man with no time serve i will come here immediatly and inform you freakz and boy and anybody else who cares. that im not in jail..

    i enjoyed your mod more then any other freakz and boy your server has grown on me and i will miss your server i will miss shooting the shotgun on radiator and terror.. i will miss the fire ants i will miss the explosions and the ppl screaming as i ignite there lil towns with napalm.

    see you all tommorrow if im a free man. or see you all in 2-3 mths.

    its been hella fun.



    what did you do?! 😯



    Grr omg offtopic!



    as of may 25th 11 am im no longer on probathion and that i can drink all i want and party…

    for my probatino violation all i must do is community service 3 days of it no biggie.

    as for my fine it will go to collections and its just a matter of gettin work to pay it off. and if i can’t it won’t effect my dealing with the governemtn just my driving ability to re-get my license. but im sure i will get it all taken care of after my g/f gets the apartment in seattle.

    anyways i’ll be on shortly after this post

    *currently driking beer so im in need of a few games see oyu online in destruciton mod*

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