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    Hi Freak:

    Ok, I found him. His name is S-killz and he has contact information in his profile. I spoke to him about helping you and he was very much interested. @~FREAK~ wrote:


    Good luck,




    all right. I see Freak is back….



    Destruction server is up again.


    Exiled One

    Thanks for putting it up. I played it and now I will critique Mr. Tim.

    Need some more maps
    New weapons
    Good music
    There is more option for everything excepts maps

    Man I lost words….ok one more thing I tried to fined the life of the powerplant ….took my mouse over it couldnt fined it.

    Just needs alittle more work.

    Panther30 you took my heart away from Merge.

    But great server Tim.



    New maps and new weapons is always a good idea, hell, why not some new tanks too?

    New music though? Eh, I don’t think that’s a good idea for the people trying to download by connecting to the server. Dial up users? Woe be onto them. Never mind the poor server’s strain.


    Exiled One

    The new music is fine but I dont see how it will affect dial up users. Just download the mod pack and it would take maybe 1hr probably.

    Yea one more thing need some extra extra weapons and yes tanks too as EMC mentioned.

    The weapons on your server are same weapons I thinks when you play on Apoc with out internet. The Apoc thats comes with the install pack.

    Man Tim you need to make new weapons, I dont know if its easy or not. Why not make a server where all different types of news weapon and tanks or goodies can be used and let the judges decide which weapons and tanks or goodies will be included in their server?

    I think that would an awesome idea but I dont know if it could work.



    Yeah yeah I keep leaving and coming back.
    I really do want to keep this mod gong but I just haven’t found the time let alone the time to even go on these forums every once and a while.
    I’m sorry all but I will try ad keep Destruction Mod going.

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