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    Hey guys its me Freak.
    I am currently making an expansion to Apocalypse Mod.
    I have a lot done already.
    Here is the growing list of changes and additions from the apocalypse mod to the new destruction mod…

    Version 1.0

    -Added more Napalm Bomblets to gas stations when they explode.
    -Napalm Bomblets from gas stations now do more damage.
    -Added Armor.
    -Added Super Heavy Armor.
    -Added Mega Mirror Shield.
    -Added Super Heavy Force Shield.
    -Added Team Shield.
    -Added Missile Barrage.
    -Self-Destruct is now named Suicide.
    -Suicide’s Explosion Crater is much larger.
    -Added Multi-Nuke.
    -Shotgun Pellets do more damage.
    -Shotgun Pellets now last longer.
    -Sniper Rifle can now be bought and used.
    -Added Shrapnel Strike.
    -Added DAY OF DESTRUCTION (and you thought strange love was devastating…)
    -New Sound for Day of Destruction launch.(I think it is cool)
    -Added Super Funky Bomb
    -Flame Thrower Streams do more damage.
    -Added “The Scorcher”(try it…)
    -Added Multi-Scorcher(try this one too..)
    -Fire Ants now release more “Ants.”
    -Napalm Blasts’ Napalm can now burn under water.
    -More Napalm in Napalm Blast
    -Landscaper can now be bought and used.
    -Added Trench Maker.
    -Added Horizontal Trench Maker.
    -Added “The Polluter.”
    -Added Dirt Mirv.
    -Added Spread Dirt Mirv.
    -Small Meteor now has more Dirt and Napalm.
    -Mega Meteor now has more Dirt and Napalm.
    -Volcano has many more Lava Streams.
    -Added Massive Assault.
    -Added Storm’s Rage.
    -Added Artillery Outpost.(Wicked Cool!)
    -Changed Many of the weapons left over after a tank is killed.
    -You now Start with 3 Light Armor
    -You now Start with 4 Parachutes.
    -You now Start with 4 Missiles.
    -You now Start with 1 MOAB.
    -You now Start with 30 Fuel.
    -Changed many of the prices of Weapons and Defenses.
    -Changed many of the bundle sizes of Weapons and Defenses.
    -Changed many of the icons for the Weapons and Defenses.
    -Changed many of the descriptions for the Weapons and Defenses. The Descriptions now have better info for players unfamiliar with the Weapon or Defense.
    -Changed many of the Weapon’s And Defenses’ sounds.
    -Changed many of the Weapon’s Models.
    -Easy Single Player Game is now changed to a team game.
    -AI now uses a wider range of weapons.
    -Volcano Streams can now burn underwater.
    -Volcano Streams last much longer than before.
    -You now start with 1 EMP Grenade.
    -Extra Life(s) now have 10 less health.
    -Power Boost(s) now have 10 less health.
    -Fallout Sparkles now last longer.
    -There are now 10 meteors that fall from the sky instead of 5 on certain maps.
    -Weapons in the Shop are now arranged with weapons that are similar to each other from weakest to strongest.
    -Added Hell Hurricane.
    -Added Freaky Funky Bomb
    -Added Roller Canyon.
    -Added Grand Roller Canyon.
    -Added Valley Maker.
    -Added Horizontal Valley Maker.
    -Added Ultra Laser Cannon.
    -Added Massive Mirv Massacre.
    -Added Deaths Wave.
    -Added Apex Tracer.
    -You now start with 1 Laser.
    -You now start with 3 Shotguns.
    -You now start with 2 Machine Guns.
    -Regular Shield now has a 125 damage capacity.
    -All Shields have the same amount of power as its damage capacity.
    -You now start with 1 Auto-Defense.
    -Hell Storm’s Napalm last much longer.
    -Hell Storm’s Napalm has a longer range.
    -Hell Storm’s Napalm can now burn underwater.
    -Flame Thrower now has 10 flame streams.
    -Added Super Heavy Mag.
    -Death’s Heads now have 25 warheads.
    -Added new Bomber AI.
    -Added new MIRV Master AI.
    -Added new Crusher AI.
    -Target now changed to Easy Target.
    -Added new Target AI.
    -Hard Target now uses an Ultra Shield.
    -Added new Landscaper AI.
    -You now start with 10 Riot Blasts.
    Version 1.1

    -Gas Grenade now cost 6000.
    -You now get 4 Frag Grenades with each purchase.
    -You now get 3 Spread Mirvs with each purchase.
    -Fork Lighting now cost 32500.
    -You now get 2 Mega Mirvs with each purchase.
    -You now get 2 Mega Spread Mirvs with each purchase.
    -Napalm Mirv now cost 5000.
    -Napalm Mirv now cost 5200.
    -Storm’s Rage now cost 100000.
    -You now get 10 Missiles with each purchase.
    -Missiles now costs 1500.
    -You now get 2 Nukes with each purchase.
    -Nukes now cost 5700.
    -Napalm Blast now cost 8000.
    -Fire Ants now cost 8700.
    -Roller Canyon now cost 12000.
    -Grand Roller Canyon now cost 22000.
    -Missile Barrage Now fires 15 Missiles.
    -You now get 25 fuel each purchase.
    -Nitro now cost 3000.
    -You now get 4 X-Tracers with each purchase.
    -Fatman’s now cost 7700.
    -Tsar Bomba’s Fallout now last much much longer.
    -Tsar Bomba now cost 30000.
    -You now get 2 EMP Missiles with each purchase.
    -You now get 3 Sniper Rifles with each purchase.
    -You now get 3 M2 Machine Guns with each purchase.
    -Shrapnel Strikes now cost 5500
    -The Travolta now cost 32000.
    -Freaky Funky Bomb now cost 29500.
    -Baby Rollers now cost 3500.
    -Rollers now cost 5500.
    -Napalm now cost 3000.
    -Hell Storm now cost 10000.
    -Hell Hurricane now cost 23000.
    -Landscaper now cost 5000.
    -Valley Maker now cost 6500.
    -Horizontal Valley Maker now cost 6500.
    -Acid Rain now cost 7500.
    -Acid Splash now cost 8300.
    -The Polluter now cost 10000.
    -Diggers now cost 2800.
    -Quicksand now cost 5000.
    -Dirt Mirv now cost 3000.
    -Spread Dirt Mirv now cost 3000.
    -Mega Meteor now cost 8700.
    -Baby Sandhog now cost 5000.
    -Sandhog now cost 8000.
    -Added Sandhog Squadron.
    Version 1.2/1.3

    -Fixed the weapons, player, plan and wind windows to fit with text.
    -Edited all of the explosions so they do not shake the screen as much.
    -Decreased amount of rollers in both the Roller Canyon and Grand Roller Canyon.
    -Increase blast radius of the Rollers in the Roller Canyon and Grand Roller Canyon.
    -Decreased amount of Napalm Bomblets in “The Scorcher” and Multi-Scorcher.
    -Decreased amount of projectiles in the Trench Maker and Horizontal Trench Maker.
    -The Day of Destruction now cost 175000.
    -Added Minigun.
    -Added a new sound for the Minigun.

    Well thats all I remember for now ppl. Check in every day or so for updates on my Changes and Additions list.

    Note-I Have no idea when the mod will be completed. I want to be very careful and not make any mistakes. Please don’t criticize me because I’m taking to long unless you want a crappy mod.



    Wow, never thought I would see the day when someone would pick up the reigns and do so many things to my mod. Very cool. 🙂

    Might have to make a few of these changes to the actual Apoc mod. 😉



    Maybe you and me could work on this mod together?
    We could make it the actual apocalypse mod it could be a separate mod.
    Either way I would love to work with on my mod with you.

    -send me a PM.
    -Thanks A lot!
    -I still think your mod is the best and will stay that way. (that is until I release mine) 😉




    There is a max on the number of accessories that the weapon screen can show on the screen at once before over lapping occurs. (More true when Give All Weapons is on.)



    I wish there was a a way to solve this problem.
    My mod is broke.
    I’m blaming Bobirov…



    You could always run scorched at a higher screen resolution to have more space available? 😛

    I know, that isn’t much of a solution though. 😉



    You are so clever. 🙂
    I sent you two new messages BTW.



    Hey, that mod seems to aim to be the actual opposite to snipermod 🙂

    I have to try it !



    I’m just as anxious as you to have someone play it and see what they think as you are to play it.

    If you give me your X-Fire name then I will be more then happy to send the mod to you DeVice. 🙂



    X-Fire ? What is this ?



    Its like aim except it is meant for gamers. It can track what games your friends are playing and you can send files back and forth to each other. Just Google X-fire and you should find its website. Its only 2-3 MB I believe and I think it is well worth the 30 second download. Don’t worry no adware, spyware, viruses, worms, caterpillarware, spiderware, beetleware, antware, millipedeware, whatever. If you do then you will be the first to try out my mod. 🙂



    Just letting everyone know that my mod is doing very well. I have over 25 new weapons now and each new weapon has been tested several times and through various conditions. There have been no major errors so far that would have me restart the entire project. My mod my be done sooner than I have expected. Take a look at my list for updates on the progress.

    Unfortunately I currently have no website to host it when it is done. Since it is an expansion to apocalypse mod I could have Bobirov have it hosted on his website if thats alright with you.

    Another problem is that my computer is a bit old to have a server run on it without any lag and network errors. I could ask the Scorched 3D tournament server to run it for me.

    As you can see I like to take advantage of other people.
    Will you be my friend?



    I can host your mod’s server if you wish, alongside with Shockmod’s. Got some nice bandwidth and lots of disk space to spare.
    Only drawback is you need to polish it first, I’m not online often enough to upload a new version now and then..

    Regarding X-Fire : My physician forbided me any kind of instant messaging stuff, sorry 🙂



    The next version is out!

    1.3 has really increased performance by decreasing the amount of projectiles and things on the screen.

    Also I have added the awesome new Minigun for use on your wife.

    Sorry it took a little while to have it release.

    I was on a little vacation…

    Well anyways go check out the news and stuff topic for some anti-construction fun!

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