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    @cbx550f wrote:

    I was about to write a whole bunch of comments, Ebo, but to spare this great thread from a HUGE digression – just going to say: I understand, and I can see a whole bunch of “Oooo! I should say ‘this’ back there!”. 😉 As for the story – I’m intrigued. 🙂 If I can ever pull myself away from this bloody game, I may just do as I keep promising myself and get back to some writing!


    lol @ cbx…

    well.. sometimes I like to resign if I’m really desperate to win a game or if I want to screw people over.

    But if they are gonna punish you for resigning in the next version, i’m gonna either skip move or cbx myself. Most of the time I just let people get the kill cause they give free kill too.

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