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    Well im back on my, what 4th or 5th topic of constructive critisism? 8)

    This one I’ll be very blunt with – to resign, you must first use skip turn .. idunno 3 times.

    Logical thinking: Person A works his butt off trying to hit person B, Person A finally nails person B down to a 25 or less life status, one more shot left. Person B no batteries or nething to save himself. Suddenly Person B resigns like a little sissy.

    Lets just say, I’d give my real opinion on this senerio but, women and childern could be reading this !!!

    Heres only 3 reasons resign is used:

    1) Nobody can make the shot; so 2-3 people all resign at the same time.
    2) Your sitting there forever waiting to be killed, and ur tired of waiting.
    3) Your a little sissy who resigns at the first threat of death.

    If multiple people have to resign, everyone can be calm enough to hit skip turn until ready, or they could just skip turn / halfshoot (make pointless shots which have no hope to reach target but allow moves counter to go down) until the round automaticly skips.

    If your sitting there anyway hitting the skip move button, it won’t be too different for you.

    But if your gonna chicken out, your only gonna rob the person of a rightfull kill and anger numerous people. And if say Talon is around, get the btch out of a lifetime.

    3 is a nice number, and if your dead anyway 3 would be considered overkill. But 3 allows the killer a fair chance to make such kill.



    @willis wrote:

    3) Your a little sissy who resigns at the first threat of death.

    But if your gonna chicken out, your only gonna rob the person of a rightfull kill and anger numerous people.

    Although I agreed with you on the ‘Reduce Number of Moves Per Round’ topic, I have to disagree with you on this one.

    There are a lot of players that are good. Real good. Robbing them of a kill that they almost — but didn’t quite make — is a reasonable & valid strategy. Oh well if it’s upsetting.

    Those players that consider it honorable & fair to let you score your kill, stay; those that are “sissies”, resign. That’s the way the game goes.

    And since this game is one of skill, strategy, alliances, betrayal, backstabbing, smack talk, etc.; it’s just one more irritant to deal with in this game. Besides, it wouldn’t be dramatic if we all shot like bots & always scored & no one got pssted off at each other.

    And anyone who’s played in some of my games this past week knows that I have had my fair (unfair?) share of stolen kills. I’ve hit 10+ people down to 2-4 points of life! Argh!



    I have to side with Hobbes on this one: Suck it up Willis. 😛

    I like it when people skip so I can get the kill, and I normally do so, but to force people to do it I think would be going too far. I don’t think we should rob people of the choices they have in their turn.

    And yes, I remember a few of those, Hobbes, seems to me it was me a couple times. 😉





    Agree or not I really hate them people, mostly becuase no its not strategy its them sitting on their high horse thinking their all cool beacuse they can deny someone whos worked for it. They do it “just becasuse they can”.

    Heck have it be one turn far delay as far as I could care, I just dont find it right that only becuase “the next turn their gonna die” they should be allowed to resign. Its just as newbish as those who join, buy dh, launch, leave, *rince n repeat*… if not worse.

    Sorry if I’m sounding like a real up tight jerk, but I’m already this sick of it.



    I think that a small delay on resigning sounds reasonable. It would also be nice if when a person clicks resign it would tell everyone on the server that “this person is resigning” as soon as they click it, rather than when the shots are being played (simultaneous games). Then at the end of that turn (after all shots have been fired and are finished) the person would resign from the round like normal. This would be nice because every person would potentially know that the player is resigning before they make their shots unless he/she waited to the end of the shot timer to resign. The resigning player would still exit the round in the same turn as they do currently just at the END of the turn, so the penalty is not huge. If the resigning person was being shot at, then whoever was aiming for them would get one last shot to finish them off before they resign.

    The part about broadcasting the resigning message immediately might not be practicle, but I think that making the resign happen at the END of the turn really would go a long way to adding a downside to resigning. I think it would help to promote more battery and/or fuel use if it wasn’t so easy to just resign and deny the opposition a kill in the process.



    Hello. My name is Ebonite, and I use the resign option.

    “Why?” you may ask. Let me attempt to answer that. Hang on, it will be a ride…

    First and foremost, my goal in any game of Scorched 3D is to be the game winner at the end of the final round. To accomplish that goal, I must either win the most rounds, or tie with the most rounds and have more kills than those I tie with, or tie in both rounds and kills and have the most money of those I’m tied with. Those are the requirements of a game win.

    So then, how to accomplish those subgoals? The simple answer is: kill other players. That is a true statement. My answer, however, is to kill the right players. What, then, is a right player? That answer is purely subjective, and based on the current situation. Basically, these are players I deem a serious threat to me in that they are the current leader and have the greatest chance at that moment of winning, they are an equal and must be stopped so I may advance, or they are likely to target me early in the round and thus prevent my killing of others. Again, based on the situation, these and other factors may or may not apply.

    Now, while I am trying to accumulate kills, money, and round wins, every other player is attempting to do the same. This fact gives me the additional mission of interference on those “threat” players. What means do I have of interfering? First, how do I interfere? By taking away their ability to kill, earn money, and win rounds. Again: How to carry that out? The obvious solution is to kill them. But that is not the only solution. I kill their targets before they do. I bury them in dirt. I enable others to more effectively target them. I reduce or eliminate their ability to score.

    Still reading? No? Too bad. I continue…

    By now you’re wondering if you left the stove on, how much longer that porno has to download, and what resigning has to do with any of this. Resigning for me falls under interference. Denying the ability to score from my enemies.

    Allow me to use the first round as an example. Fresh game, everything is reset and even. All anybody has is baby missiles. No chutes, no WMD’s, no batteries. As soon as somebody is wounded, they can assume the next shot will kill them, unless the player targeting them has been wounded or killed. This player may continue to fire at any player still in range, but what if they can’t reach anybody? My thinking is, and I reiterate that this opinion reflects on no one but myself, why grant a kill and the associated money to someone whom I will have to “chase down” later? In the first round, should I become wounded, I would have no recourse but to sit and wait until someone kills me, or hope against all odds that the remaining players wound each other into a stalemate. Neither option furthers my goal, therefore, neither option is enacted.

    And that first round makes a lot of difference since those who die early enter the second round with $33250 to spend and the winner, well, I’ve seen as much as $52K plus change. Those totals almost always exceed any other pre-buy total those players will have for the entire game, making the second round purchases the most important of the entire game, especially since any leftover money sets the tone for interest accumulation.

    So, again I ask, why should I provide another player with the means to kill me more effectively in later rounds by letting him kill me now, when I have no chance of doing the same to him or another? There are many players whose skill I respect, and even fear. cbx, Willis, Steve, goose, Poolee, rA, Dust, Jim, and others are all good players whom have killed me before, and will undoubtedly kill me again. Do I need reaffirmation of their skill when I am unable to exercise my own (admittedly mediocre) skill on anybody?

    And before people start branding me as a “Resign” abuser, I would like to point out that I have made nearly 6000 shots, killed over 2000 tanks, and have only 40 resigns. Yes, that is far greater than Willis, who has 5, or Talon who has a surprising 13, but ranks rather less then many players with far fewer shots or kills, and is far from appearing on the top 10.

    I would like to state that my criteria for resigning is, exactly:
    I have no chance whatsoever of inflicting any damage on any tank still on the map.
    Hence, most of my resigns are in the first round where there are no batteries available and I am wounded. I have resigned in rounds other than the first, in particular, one where I used 22 batteries through 3 successive hits and was unable to reach anybody after that point. By that time, my aggressor should have finished me, or I him.

    Regarding Bobirov’s post, I do support an automatic acknowledgement whenever a person resigns.



    Some people in favour some not, myself I support the use of the resign for tactics.

    I also like bobirov’s idea of allowing the resign but not actually removing the tank till the end of the round (current set of shots). This means no one will ever waste a shot on someone that has resigned. And also makes resigning more risky so people may think twice unless they really have to.



    *throws hat into ring*

    Personally, I very seldom resign. I like to give the other person the kill that they have “earned”, as it’s been put. But this is just me and the way I play. And yes, sometimes it gets frustrating when someone resigns before the kill.

    But I have to agree with Ebonite on this one. As much as I hate to admit it, resigning can be a very logical and tactial move. (Although, I still think it’s perfectly Ok to tease them about it, though. 😉 ) Especially with as many game that have been decided by a single round, kill or even money.

    How about only being able to resign within the first 10 seconds of the shot clock? And after that 10 seconds, they’re locked out of that feature until the next shot. I would think that most people know within those 1st few seconds if they are going to resign or not.

    *Picks up hat from ring and leaves before Willis tries to hit it with a Deathhead*



    How about a combination of my suggestion of displaying the resign message immediately with Steve’s suggestion of only being able to resign within the first 10 seconds of a turn. This would hopefully let everyone know that the person is resigning before they waste a shot on that person. This is the biggest beef I have with resigning is that, unless the person TELLS everyone he/she is resigning, there is no way to know until the shots are fired. I don’t mind missing out on the kill as much as I hate wasting a shot for no reason when I shouldn’t have to.



    Although I do not agree with the whole “its a strategy” belief, thats not where my concerns lye.

    *working in order of posts*

    Bobirov I like that idea, like it enough to forget my own idea. Typicly that single shot is what makes the difference. Plus automatic notification is a must, as already been described.

    *skips 99.99% of ebons post* . . ok I respect ur opinion but ur point simply said is resigning is good thing. Neither will be able to convince the other to chance opinions so, moving onward…

    camp ur post was just opinion about the input so, not much to comment about that..

    And Steven. . *too late, hat is hit by 2 dh’s* Your point about people KNOWING their gonna resign is very true, so the idea of locking them out at the final 10 (well personally id go higher but 10 is ok) seconds sounds fair.



    @TODO and DONE wrote:

    Fixed: Player resigns only take place at the end of the round

    Nevermind my last post, this works for me.. 😉 At least if it means the end of the turn or move, I think the end of the round would be a bit steep :lol:.



    @TODO and DONE wrote:

    Fixed: Player resigns only take place at the end of the round

    ok, i can live with this, although i would much rather have it this way:

    @bobirov wrote:

    a combination of my suggestion of displaying the resign message immediately with Steve’s suggestion of only being able to resign within the first 10 seconds of a turn



    Just a couple quick comments:

    1. Great thread – good discussion, excellent debate of ideas with some complete disagreement, but, I think, a great solution (also incredibly fast!) – nice compromise.
    Kudos to all involved!

    2. I too like the idea of resigns only working within the first 10 seconds, in theory. I fear that it would lead to too much frustration on from the user who “just missed it”

    3. Ebonite deserves the POTW award. (Post Of The Week) – Ebo, you have a hell of a writing flair – informative, concise, and humorous as hell.

    Good work all!




    glad you enjoyed it, cbx. Takes forever to get it like that. I’m probably the slowest writer in history. I have a 1/3 of a short story I’ve been working on for 7 years if you’re interested… 😛 😉



    I was about to write a whole bunch of comments, Ebo, but to spare this great thread from a HUGE digression – just going to say: I understand, and I can see a whole bunch of “Oooo! I should say ‘this’ back there!”. 😉 As for the story – I’m intrigued. 🙂 If I can ever pull myself away from this bloody game, I may just do as I keep promising myself and get back to some writing!


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