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    Brain Damage

    i’d like to get a bit feedback on this:

    it happened to almost everyone to have a clogged up connection & produce a small lag after the display of the shots (nothing too big)
    usually, when they lag too much, the keep alive timeout triggers & they get kicked

    it happends that some spectators (probably who have lost window focus on the game, thus giving it low cpu priority) that starts lagging the game quite badly (approx 40-50 secs every shot) & they never get kicked automatically (since they respond to the ping)

    at this point they usually have to get kicked manually to stop the lag

    what i’m suggesting is a per_round_cumulative_kick_timeout

    each round, the lag that each player produces gets cumulated into a value; when this value exceeds the trigger point, that player gets kicked. every round, the lag that the player generated gets reset.

    the value won’t need to be very strict, something like 2-3 mins per round will be enough to get rid of the worse laggers



    Not a bad idea, so long as, like you mentioned, it’s not too strict.

    It might serve to get people to more quickly fix a problem they are having that is causing it; whether it be a reboot, getting to a better spot for wireless, or whatever.



    Interesting, there would need to be consideration on how it initiates the kick phase.

    What I mean is, lets say the lag accumulation value is met and so the person is kicked.

    Is the person entitled to return? Or are they given a response stating they need to fix or wait?

    If they can return, well the lag timer is full now what? There will need to be a delay until that lag timer is activated for the second or third time in a round (aka they are kicked for the second or third time).

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