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    here is a clip I took while playing last night, talk about unlucky!

    file size 6.92mb

    I hit Apollo and hobbes with 1 funky, both on opposite sides of the map, with no score….. 😥


    Apollo Tangent

    That is crazy!

    I didn’t see the trajectory from where I was last night since I didn’t go into sky view for that shot.

    It’s rare to have a double bubble bouncy shot like that. It’s a testement to your skills in accuracy 😉

    Thanks for posting it Soupie!

    BTW Nice avatar, Wolf in sheeps clothing… lol




    Great shoot:)
    Today i have funny one to:)

    1st i digged some1 . Than i shoot broller at the hole , but he turned mag on:)
    roller bounced , than hit the blue wall and went back and killed him:)

    i should install fraps too:)


    guy parker

    that was a nice capture. but bad luck. i wish there was like a instant replay feature or something in the game for some outrageous shots. hehe, oh well FRAPS will have to do for now. thanks for sharing.

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