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    Brain Damage

    (i really have too much free time today)

    the current engine makes some mistakes when displaying a missile shot affectied by wind, it actually gives the sensation that something “weird” is shown

    1: the flame trail is affected by wind, while the smoke much less

    this is completely against physics, while the exaust from the afterburner is hot air at high speed and shouldn’t be much affected by wind due to his high speed compared to the wind, the smoke trail is made by light dust particle that should be moved by the wind easy

    even if tags will be implementied to reate a custom behaviour, i would suggest to switch the default to: smoke affectied by wind, while flames almost not

    2: the default gradient of the flame is in the wrong order

    the hotter the temperature (next to the rocket’s engine) the higher is temperature, then the colour (wich has his wavelenght inversally proportional to the temperature) should be brighter, so yellow should be used next to the engine; al long as the flame gets some distance, it gets cooler and his color should fade to an orange-red-dish

    if you want a grafical proof, you can check this rocket image previosuly posted by shockwave:



    1 & 2

    yes agree wiht this.

    in addition it will be good if we can control the boost efect of the rocket after launch. The first milliseconds it can produce big flames and smoke and then smoothly retun (say up to 1 sec.) to the normal flight flames-smoke. that initial amount and the time lasting can be controlled. I want to say that the boost efect is only visual, it must not effect any way ballistic and power.

    more pictures post


    Laptops Daddy

    I mostly agree. But I think sometimes it’s good to compromise on absolute realism if it gives an aesthetic or game-play edge. It’s good to have the smoke lingering around for a while. You can’t have flames lingering around. A smoke trail can be useful. Looks good as a kind of ghost trajectory.

    Mine’s bigger

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