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    anyone know how to tell the shockmod server admin that the bots are still resigning after the first shot? is this a server mod problem, or is it in the downloaded mod on my comp? need it to be fixed! shockmod is the one!



    Was it really necessary to throw your post in other places as well. We aren’t blind ya know. Anyway as far as finding Shockwave, you can try going to the Apoc site because I think he hangs out in the forums there…

    Apoc Site



    Actually Shockwave is somewhat MIA at the moment. I run the server though. I’m not really sure what the problem is with the bots resigning or if it is mod related or what though. I suppose I’ll have a look at it this evening when I get home. Dunno if I will be able to do anything about it though.


    M. O.

    Got to add bbm’s to the bots other wise the think there out of weapons and resogn.



    I’ve seen them resign before when I play a local game with bots without mods. Is it normal for them to do that? It was just one though and not all of them.



    @m. O. wrote:

    Got to add bbm’s to the bots other wise the think there out of weapons and resogn.

    This fixes it, but you also have to make sure that old 0 weapons (such as the baby missile) get changed to -1 as mentioned in this post. By not changing the old tags, the bots were getting confused and not spending their money and odd stuff. The combination of both changes solved the problem.

    Bots used to just use whatever they had available to them, regardless of whether or not they were told to use it in tankais.xml. So they would use all the infinite weapons without being told. I suppose this has changed in 38.1, which is a good thing, particularly for single player games with give all weapons turned on.. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip M.O.



    well after many months of being MIA, You all should see me back in the scorched scene.

    I Am looking forward to seeing all of you soon

    BE AFRAID.. Be VERY AfraiD!! 😈



    Yey 😀 Welcome back m8.


    guy parker

    Is it possible for the Shockmod server to have stats? maybe more people would play it if so? I enjoy this mod, but it seems there are usually not any humans playing it when I look.



    It seems that Bobirov is having some difficulties with hardware at the momment, this is why the servers are down for Apoc & Shockmod.

    fear not .. he’s working on the problem and all should be well soon

    If not.. we are now accepting Hardware Donations 😛

    please mail your Motherboards, and CPU’s to:

    Bobirov aka Robert Hand
    321 fiRE! Apocholypse Rd.
    Mount DoOM, Hell 666

    I have asked soupnazi to be the official server for apoc & shockmod
    until Bobirov can get his sick pc back to healthy aaachooo !

    get well soon server we wish you better soooOn 🙂

    and as far as the stats on shockmod stats work now
    thanks to bobirov say thank you ! thank you Robert 🙂

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