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    anyone know how to tell the shockmod server admin that the bots are still resigning after the first shot? is this a server mod problem, or is it in the downloaded mod on my comp? need it to be fixed! shockmod is the one!



    I am currently working on a new mod and I am sorry this is happening
    in version 1.1 it seems the bots thought they were out odf weapons
    and I have not been able to update bobirov as he was the official
    shockod Administrator but no longer will be serving shockmod due
    to a very buisy schedule and hardware issues.

    M.O. has generously offered to be shockmods new home

    shockmod v2.0 will have a faster download speed, more reliable
    weapons, more frequent testing, and error fixes, no more bot madness,
    weapon & pricing even play** Overall fair for every1**, non working or buggy weapons have been either removed or replaced my new working ones/ upgraded verions.

    also overall size was shrunk a tad as it was way 2 big to have so many
    small bugS, and for this I apologise.

    hopefully this new version will be more to everyones likeing
    and there should be a beta test server up for you all to preview by now.

    note many changes ar still going to take place so not to confuse any1

    I release versions as follows V1.0 beta upgraded to 1.1 final
    as the latesst will be the same

    version 2.0 will turn into 2.1 within a week after testing and fixes.
    you can play 2.0 but it is just a preview and will be updated.

    cheers 🙂

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