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    Is there a command to dump the console text to a text file?

    Also what time zone is the scorch stats times on? UTC? Is there a way to set it to the time zone of my choice (specifically PS(D)T) when I’m logged in?


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    in the form ‘command > output.log’

    i think its pretty much universal (linux/windows)

    otherwise, you can pipe with ‘|’, maybe even filter it. eg: ‘command | grep whatever something.log’. dont know if you can do that in windows without a special windows bash port, or summit, though.

    also, check out ‘tail’ (another handy command. i use it for displaying logs in the console – guess thats kind of the reverse)

    thats probably not really a dump. its more of a ‘logging of output’ : ) incremental. you could copy and paste, maybe?

    thats nota dump, this is a dump…



    Use “consolesave “.

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