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    I can tell you all that we (the admins) are thinking about bannig Blacharz.
    Do any of you have something to say about him?
    Who has played with him and has anything to say about banning him?

    In the end, if we do deside to ban him the ban action will be execute by Gcamp probobly.




    The reasons they are considering banning is because of continual bad language, despite repeated warnings and kicks, and disrespect to the admins for doing their job.


    Blacharz Chief

    ok ok ok ok ok and 1 more time ok 🙂 i just wrote to apache replay on his massage – – – on this massage i sry all ppl which were playing with me this day ( like i call it ‘bad day’ which can have everyone 🙁 ) and i told him that i have respect to admins and i think that he will undrstend this 🙂 that was loooong rep to him and i dont wanna rewrite it again here 🙂 so i just wanna again apology all which i harm with my ‘bad words/language’ 🙁 and if u decide to ban me… i will accept ur decision 🙁 hyhy but im still hope that u dont will be ban me 🙂 how this game will be look without ‘hyhy’ man? 😛



    Blach, I’ve sent you another pm, read it.

    It’s not just about yesterday. Its been going on for long time.

    If you do respect as (the admins AND players) then y you keep on doing this stuff?? and a kicked is always not good enough to “wistells” you to stop!?!

    Read the new pm I sent u.




    Setup a auto kick so that it will kick them when they use foul language i think would take care of this.



    auto kick would actually be very cool, compared to a filter. It might make them think that they were kicked by an adminstrator. The auto kick should say “kicked by administration”

    About blacharz, how many times has he been kicked/slapped? He seems to beg not to be kicked. Perhaps a final warning, no mercy ever again would be in order. Last chance for eternity. I personally only played him a handful of times, but he is usually quiet except for “hyhy”



    For now, he is cooller.
    I guess he got the point…
    Hope it won’t change.


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