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    Okay, this isn’t truly my idea, but a friend’s that I had the idea to use the Scorched3d engine for. I’d just like to know the feasability, and how something would be done if it was possible.
    Okay, so one of my friends was interested in creating an FPS-type game. I was figuring that the graphics engine in Scorched3d is not only flexible, it’s also open-source and supports multiplayer. So, my thought was that the engine could be modified to become several things:
    1. Real-Time
    2. Have a central ridicule
    3. Use FPS Controls
    4. Have a decent AI (Not as important: I’d like to just work with the workings first.)
    5. Have a camera that acts and reacts like the one in Halo. (C) (R) (Muah ha ha ha)
    Now, I have NO idea how difficult this would be or if it would even be possible. I was thinking I could generate some models and skins in Milkshape and it might work… The only issue is the Scorched3d engine may not have a thing for when the player would “walk”…. but in time. Anyone have ideas?



    I’ve been working on a driving game recently, and originally planned to use quite a bit of the scorched code, but *I* found it a bit difficult. I am using the MS3d file loading from scorched (I think I’ve actually modified it quite heavily now though), including the ModelsFile and Model classes.

    The problem I found is that by the time I figured out all of the dependancies, i.e. “this includes that, which includes the other thing…”, it was often quicker to code that segment from scratch. Fabulous reference material though, I must say. 🙂 (I’ve also grabbed some code from Tuxkart, OpenRacer aka TuxRacer, and a few others)

    I still haven’t implemented decent cameras, so I’m still thinking of having another look at what has been done in Scorched for that.

    The engine in Scorched wouldn’t be great “out of the box” for a FPS style game, but I can tell you that there’s tons of great code in it that can be reused.




    The graphics part would be fine.
    But the net and server code would all need to change. Scorched3D is very much a turn based game and would need to be changed quite considerably to work in realtime.

    To be honest, for realtime games you are probably better using a different engine, or hacking your own.

    Unless your game has to be open source you are probably better writing a mod for quake, HL etc. If it does need to be open source then I am sure there are open source FPS game engines out there.

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