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    This morning my 5yr old called me an Ommadons Gobshite! Yes he can read and does it very well, i know i shouldnt let him see live online content but the server list is not where i expected to see this type of language! From now on i cannot let him watch scorched anymore as this type of thing seems to be cropping up all over the place (not just scorched). My point is that Gobshite is not a word that my children need to know right now! Can it be removed from the list please?




    I don’t know how the admins can help is this case (word game..).
    We are only in charge of the official servers. Also, Gavin can’t (I think) just remove the server from the list. U can try to find the one who opend theat server (maybe u can catch him in the sever) and to talk to him about it.

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