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    The wiki loosely states this:

    Download and install these frameworks:


    It would be nice to have included in the wiki where these can be found (in .framework format, as usually compiling these from source does not yield a .framework – unless done through xcode (someone enlighten me if im wrong))

    Just me dropping by to see how Scorched was doing… and wanted to do an OSX compile, but not really in the mood for using my googly eyes to search for lots of prerequisites.



    Yeah it was a pain to find them all, I guess I didn’t want to get lumbered with the support of the ones I compiled. I’ll upload a set of my PPC ones if you want. Not sure if they work on intel too.



    isnt there any way you can do a universal compile of them? instead of making them just ppc?



    I guess the simplest answer is, I don’t know. So far I’ve been resisting (perhaps too strong, perhaps don’t have enough time for) learning the mac OS development environment as well. I almost got the PCC stuff and then the intel came out so I’m a little behind. The last thing I did was convert it to use frameworks.



    I see… Ill try to look into it myself then, and perhaps (hopefully) there is a simple solution



    From memory most of the frameworks I managed to find on other web sites. I only had to compile one or two myself.



    Yup… after some looking around i found the frameworks, or at least buildscripts for universal for them… so now i have these in order.. yet again i stumble on the OpenAL implementation, I know ive gotten that to work before with your help, but now i cant seem to get the compile script to run correctly (Ive never been good at scripting, but i seem to have forgotten the little i knew…)
    Any chances we can have the configure script modified in cvs or something to avoid this openal not found problem due to the -framework OpenAL implementation in osx…

    *edit* nevermind, i figured that out… needed the alut.h header *edit*

    and, by the way, the frameworks can be found in the following locations: (FFTW3, UnixImageIO, Freetype) (Vorbis, OGG) (sdl, sdl_net)

    would you like me to upload universals of these libraries anywhere for others ease of download later?



    That looks about right, I think it was the wx widgets framework I had to make myself. I could I can download them to the server incase I need them.

    As far as I remember the OpenGL framework should be used on osx, afer the changes I didn’t have to change any scripts to compile on osx/linux or win32. I can perhaps try tomorrow.



    Yes, but I didn’t assemble the wxMac into a framework… should I? (I just used the regular unixy /usr/local/ )

    As for a new problem… my configure script stops at the SDLMain.a file… cause its the wrong architecture (PPC i presume), I was reading in the docs for sdl, and it states there are several versions of this…. though it recommends to compile it into the program – any tips on how to overcome this?

    and Gavin…. lastly i must say, you must seriously be one of the most helpful and understanding developers i’ve met – never gotten a RTFM answer from you ^^ or similar… which seems to be quite common.

    (Though something tells me i should really learn some shell scripting… i’m totally helpless when it comes to these :S )



    Well you’ve spured me on to logging onto my mac and trying to compile v42 on it. It is v42 you are trying to compile is it (the version in subversion not CVS)?

    I’ve updated the mac compilation page in the wiki for the v42 instructions (although they are very similar to the v41). I’ve also updated the v42 svn source so it should compile “out of the box” for osx once downloaded. It looks like theyve changed the way SDL is linked against for the osx version so I’ve also updated the build scripts to do this. This is nicer because they have removed the SDLmain.a file altogether so this may now work for intel too.



    Yup.. now the SDL-part seems to be fine, though i had to hack the includes in SDL_net.h to pick up the SDL-headers.

    Another thing… I get an error on line 59 of DefinesScorched.cpp (actually, two errors, one should be a “)” too much and the other is related to stdlibs.h

    /usr/include/stdlib.h:193: error: too many arguments to function ‘int system(const char*)’
    ../../common/common/DefinesScorched.cpp:59: error: at this point in file


    int	 system(const char *) __DARWIN_ALIAS_C(system);

    DefinesScorched.cpp:59 (with removed extra bracket)

    system(buffer.c_str(), url.c_str());

    this is the SVN version by the way… didnt try the tarball



    Looking good, this error is because you are off the import main and not the development branch. See switching in :

    e.g. you need to run this command :
    svn switch /scorched3d/scorched

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