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    Mcb Lover

    BB…then make it that i didnt heard in my adress the word cheater…and those stupid posts ll finish….crap..stupid ppl..i tryed to relax and be more friendly but you dont give me that! legion…you anyway SUCKERS!
    PS. KISS MY ***!



    First of all I understand that it’s not funny to be called a cheater by other players on the servers. If you have a complaint that is based on anything sustantial send it to the admin crew ppl. Otherwise keep that kind of talk to yourselves.

    Having said that, these reactions that you keep having are not acceptable Vitos. You are rude, have a short temper and don’t seem to be a stranger to personal attacks yourself. That new sig you made for example is offensive and I recommend that you remove it.

    The bottom line is that if you (you as in ALL of you) can’t behave like sensible ppl, the topic will get locked. End of story!


    P.S. And don’t even try to claim that the topic referred to was in any way shape or form supposed to help solving the problem of ppl getting called cheaters left and right. THAT is just plain BS!!! D.S.



    Agree with BB.

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