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    I’m considering this…

    Set Beginners (teams) server to Turn free timed mode, 15 second turns.

    minkills authentication for the main server on a temporary basis of 500 kills on Beginners server.

    Thereby forcing players to play the beginners server and LEARN the new mode. It will take some improving things, but it will be fun.

    Give me a reason why I should NOT do this. 😀

    THe only one I can think of at the moment is that since so few players are really playing right now, no one really will notice but a few peole who will be mad. 😈



    500 seems like alot of kills.




    seems big at first…. but then not so much later after you get more. 😛


    pastor of muppets

    500 seems like a lot BOY if a few people end up joining and want to go to main it could take a while to achieve the 500. I have gotten 24 kills in a game and 20+ in another already so I think 50 would be plenty, a couple of game on beginners then away you go to main. If enough players showed up willing to go to main and fight without the pesky bots they may be willing to stay a couple of games on beginners to get in there. It is highly unlikely they would want to stay for 20 game or so to get there.



    He’s trying to force people to play and like the Havoc mode that was just
    added. But it’s not hoing to happen. Most of us joined for the peaceful
    interaction and variety, not for another halo clone.

    If you want a Havoc-mode server opened Boy, Ask for a 3rd server to play
    with. Either that, or try creating one yourself at home. Host one you can
    learn from the inside out.

    Both of those servers will remain empty untill you correct them.



    I agree with that, lets start another server with different mods and modes and test them out first before making them wide spread.



    I’m with da PoMMer…
    Whats the prob with the 50? Its how most of us got here. Enough to be a challenge but not too many to lose interest.



    I figured.


    Okay forget the kill limit, I still say the Beginners should be in havoc mode.

    I realise most of us here are after a slower paced game, but the fact is, the world outside of our little realm wants blood and action. Even our “havoc” mode as Thrax calls it, is far from Call of Duty Modern Warfar. Very far.

    We need to let the world in!

    /public service announcement.



    nononono dont forget the kill limit, just tone er down some. The limit is a great idea. 50 kills seems fair enough, enough to give a taste, and keep people interested. Pls consider this option, i think it would encourage some people to continue playing instead of playing other games 🙂

    Keep Going Boy!!


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