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    ok people, enough with the offtopic, no offence, but i’m tired of it. thx.

    xmas mod is gonna get fixed up for the tournament on v.41 tonight
    (thrax u know what i mean)

    tournament info: starting date not confirmed, but IT WILL start soon 😉

    btw, gavin, if u happen to read this post, could you grant me admin…on tournament server… for the tournament period plz ? (like last year…)
    (damn, why am i too lazy to write a pm!?)



    I’m in too!

    Didn’t play it last year, so I don’t know how it really looks like.

    I think it will be something with snow falling, jingle bells music, tanks are like presents and a DH will be a santa clauss sweeping the all map in his flying slips. 😈



    @on_ice wrote:

    and a DH will be a santa clauss sweeping the all map in his flying slips. 😈

    Sounds like someones already full of ‘christmas cheer’ 🙂



    on ice, i wish it was like that… haven’t found time to work on it 🙁
    i wanted some stuff like that though 🙁 🙁

    tournament will start as soon as it gets put on the server…




    any ETA on this??? 🙄



    eta == expected time of arrival ?

    just the time for gavin to set up the server and everything….
    tournament starts now. as soon as the server is up you’ll be able to play






    Have Fun E1 !




    Whats the min number of players in order to play a game on here because there isnt that many people joined is there.

    Many thanks



    Mcb Lover

    i thought guys Gavin, Picci and Thrax that it will a BIG POST TO START TOURNAMENT….we still not have enough players to play it.



    ok ppl
    sorry for the delay, it was set to 3, which isn’t bad… but i think 2 is fine at the moment… as soon ppl join in i’ll set it back to 3…

    3NJ0Y 😉


    Mcb Lover

    that was surprise for me..i wondered when i make 1sts shots..:)but now its ok…could you post what score give for win or something?
    an example:
    Name: Turkey Shoot
    State: Finished
    Duration: 01 Dec 2006 to 18 Dec 2006
    Game Mod: sniper
    Description: ****************************

    Anyone can play in this tournament, no password. To be declared the winner, you must be a member.

    ***** Tournament winner : MOST TOURNAMENT POINTS ******

    ======== TOURNAMENT SCORING ========
    (this is not game score. The bot is not scored)

    >>>>> BASIC POINTS <<<< +7
    Assist –> (none)
    Rnd Win –> +3
    Game win: –> +25

    Round Played –> -3
    Death –> -2
    Resign –> -2
    Self Kill –> -1

    ### Note: Basic points are limited to +/- 1000 maximum ###
    ### Rounds played, Deaths, Self kills, and Resigns are negative points ###

    >>>>> SKILL POINTS <<<< (0.17) X 1000 = 170}

    +(Wins + Kills)/(Rounds) X 500

    >>>>> BONUS & PENALTY POINTS <<<<<<

    (75 pts for 1st, 50 for 2nd, 25 for 3rd in each stat)

    Bonus (+) Points:

    players with most total Shots
    players with most total Deaths

    Penalty (-) Points:

    players with most Time played
    players with most total Resigns
    players with most total Self Kills
    Member Description (Visible only by accepted tournament memebers):
    Server: Tournament
    Game Length: 1 Games, 8 Rounds, 15 Moves
    Game Rules: ======== SERVER OPTIONS =========

    mod: sniper
    Game wins: most money
    Starting money – $0
    Interest – 0%
    economy – free market
    Free Money: $5,000/round
    Money per kill = $10,000
    Money per assist = $2,000
    Money per round win = $15,000
    ScoreForMoney = 2 (2pts per $100)
    movement in water: OFF
    delayed shield activation: ON
    Bots – 1 (Bastage)
    shot time 35s
    buy time 40s
    Game Type: Free For All
    Disscus This Game: Click here



    I was also wondering what the criteria for tournament scoring was.



    Another question. I’ve had two games where the other player quit in the middle of the game (and I’m the only one left). The game cycles thru the rounds very quickly and then says “stopping play because of too few players”. Do these “rounds” count for any of the tournament stats, i.e., Kills/Round? Do I get the win for that game (I’m pretty sure that I don’t, but it would be nice to get 1/2 a game win in this situation)? I’m assuming that these stats will be used to help determine the winner, if not, then obviously they don’t matter.



    scores are calculated like last year’s tournament…
    please check the other/old thread or tell me if you can’t find it and i’ll post the criteria again here.

    about the half game, it works like in main…
    plz ask a dev. or gavin about it, i really don’t remember…
    i guess you get the kills and the round wins but no game win.




    Thanks for the reply. I know it’s probably not possible to set up the 1/2 a game win idea just for this tournament. I was just venting a little bit.

    I looked up the previous tournament topic and found the criteria

    winner will be decided like this:

    rank by points:

    1 kill = 10 points
    1 round win = 50 points
    1 game win = 150 points
    1 self kill = -10 points

    So Kill Ratios, Rounds played, etc. don’t matter.

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