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    After looking at Deathbal’s post I think I am a mix of all 3.

    first-I got the game then left for maybe 6 months and was never heard of again until 6months later.

    second-I know I am no killer. I never get a kill.

    third-Self explanatory. I’m clueless.


    Guardian Angel

    @bigbear wrote:

    @ Guardian Angel/Pizza/Squirrel/… or whatever you wanna call yourself today

    How about changing your name to FlameBait? 😛

    You know Bear, one of the basic biological needs is reproduction, but in the modern society there is a psychological phenomenon typical for some part of population, they substitute sex with talking of sex.

    I think we got a similar kind of problem here.
    People substitute scorch with talking of scorch.
    Many post Every Day Long Interesting Reasoned Topics and Replies about scorched… but do they play?

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