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    Last time I hear more and more accusations in cheating. Having looked through older topics on subject, I derived a kind of official definition for what cheating is – “using any software, aid, or tool that was not included into official release, so giving an unfair advantage over other players”. I want to make things clear for my own case, ’cause basing on this definiton, I admit that for aiming I do use a thing that was not provided by Gavin and that many other players don’t have.

    This thing is called brain.

    Is it cheating?

    – Pizza



    If following your own terms, yup it is. Not all players actually have or are able to use a brain 😉



    Well Pizza, I suggest you get a lobotomy and come back. If you feel you are being unfair to all else, it is the only reasonable solution. Good luck.



    yes, cheating. but as long as you are not a square counting hogger, you should be able to get along with everyone. 😉



    @boy wrote:

    yes, cheating. but as long as you are not a square counting hogger, you should be able to get along with everyone. 😉

    Well rats. 😛



    I’ve never been called a cheater in the game. But, I sure do hear some whining about those Funky Splits at times;) & LOL @ most of the comments made 😆



    Hey amigo!, i’ve played with you several times, some ive won some youve won. We end the games always very tgiht and i havent feel like you are cheating if this is the discussion.

    I have never been tagged as a cheater or else, and if someone says that to me i dont even bother at all…

    Just dont let the accusations touch you Pizza, just ignore them.



    Did someone say something about pizza? I’m hungry.



    Nope they said SPAM, pizza sounds better though. 😆



    I’ve been called a cheater. that rant’s somewhere on the forums…



    @ Guardian Angel/Pizza/Squirrel/… or whatever you wanna call yourself today

    How about changing your name to FlameBait? 😛



    Just 2 days ago some new guy Paco something implied I was cheating. I tried to tell him as politely as possible not to accuse others of cheating just because he was inadequate. That even pissed him off more. 😆



    I’ve been called a cheater on apoc teams before.

    I Mirved a guy dead on 3 times in a row then nuked him.

    He said I hacked.

    He went on different server and kept saying Freak hacks freak hacks!

    This was a while ago but he actually got people to believe him.

    The next day I went on apoc teams and some newbies were there.

    They said something like urg its that hacker guy and left.




    That’s why cheaters never win, they don’t have anyone to play with…

    And now, a link to a quote with a link of the quoted



    You get 3 types of noobs. The most common type gets killed a few times, RQ’s, disconnects and is never heard from again.

    The least common is the “newb” that goes through the punishment and learning curve of boot camp, understands that he is not the killer he thought he was, and sticks around.

    The 3rd type is in the “most common” category but decides to speak out. This Noob already knows what should and should not happen. So that’s why you’ll see comments like, “why aren’t you dead”, or you’re cheating. It’s the worse type. A totally clueless know it all. Which is the true meaning of “Noob” as opposed to “Newb”, clueless but willing to learn. But fret not, the 3rd type noob is the most likely to never be heard from again. He just embarrasses himself first.

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