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    Hey all.I decide what just playing for some stat or rank is not very interesting.All public games must have championships and competitions..So i have an idea:let’s make championship with all top 25 players or more… 😛 Players 1st,2nd and 3rd place will take some prize (but i dont know what,maybe some personal tank model or perslonal models of missles for all weapon…)Anybody like this idea? 🙄



    Bah, any player should beable to compete ranks mean nothing!



    @The Fungus wrote:

    Bah, any player should beable to compete ranks mean nothing!

    lol..Why your post with “!”??? I did something wrong?You are so rude… 😉



    I think it is a pretty cool idea, I agree with Fungus, anyone should be able to play. The prize is easy. We could all wager a certain amount of our skill points for the game (or series of games). The winners take all the points and the losers just lose’m. It would be so risky, I love it! (I basically stole this idea from Willis in another recent post)

    As far as skill points go, there would be no overall gain in skill points for the players as a whole, only points changing hands. Alot of them! Or there could just be a big point award for the winners, like all the skill points awarded in the Tournament would go to them.



    @1 wrote:

    All public games must have championships and competitions..

    Quite a good idea!

    One way to reward people would be to give them “medals” when he/she has winned a chanpionship. Those medals would be visible (at least) on this forum as a signature. This idea is “robbed” from
    Laser Squad Nemesis forums. Go and check how it is used in there.

    The winner of championship should not be determined by a one battle. It should be series of battles. One odd idea would be many one-vs-one matches where winner will advance to next match and loser will be dropped.
    Ascii art of this idea:

    plr4-- /

    Some different championship ideas:
    – Normal championship, all weapons available.
    – Baby missile championship, only that weapon may be used.
    – I love the smell of napalm – championship.
    – I can’t move! – championship.
    – Shields on! – everyone will have automatically shields and parachutes.
    – etc…

    — Jaenis
    Se karvasin osa

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