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    hoopy frood

    This is going to sound like I’m crying but let it be.

    A certain player makes for a miserable gaming experience here.
    They target me exclusively, pop in the middle of game to death head me/funky me, then leave.
    There mouth is still uncalled for regardless of what the logs say.

    When the time comes and this player is exposed..don’t say I did’t tell ya so.

    This is my last post and and last game so cheers for those who want me gone and insist on revenge…lol.

    Job well done….

    Hoopy (over and out)



    Dont cry hoopy 😆 I know you like to kill “certain” players by first shoot too.So you just tried that shit on your own ass…Like it? 🙄



    I’m kickin myself for not realizing this sooner (being it due to player ‘1’) .. but Hoop sorry to hear ya leavin..



    Sorry to see ya go. Sucks that there are people who only play to make life suck for other people.


    Apollo Tangent

    Don’t go, use the mute feature. 😛

    Maybe Death’s Heads are too cheap to begin with. So why not start a poll to establish a higher buy price for DH so players can’t join in, buy one, use it and then quit out?

    Or you can push the issue and ask Gavin to establish the admin feature.

    All in all, I don’t like playing with people that debase others continuously. The only way to combat it, is to put him on ignore. It works for me. 😛




    Sorry to hear that. I wish people would say how far things have gone before this state.

    He has been warned :-
    And will be banned if it continues.




    I think Apollo is right, its good idea to set dh’s price to 35k or something.
    In the normall game it would’nt make any difference , but it would
    make the game saver:)

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