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    I searched for this and it turned up results. However, none of them linked to this topic. How much time is a person supposed to spend?

    GREAT GAME!!!!

    However, the caverns suck. Lose them. That bad.



    What don’t you like about them? You can turn them off in your own game by deselecting the cavern in the custom games.

    They were added to try to force people to aim lower and use different tactics.



    anonymous24, its a double sided comment – while you dislike, others (like myself) like them. For reasons that Gavin has commented also.

    It adds that little twist which keeps it from being a 2 shot round, you need to aim high to get over this cliff, yet get distance to hit your target, yet not too high as to hit the cealing.

    I’ve seen cave maps where there is a very high mountain and a very low stalactite right in the same region, so your magin of room is slim.

    I like those, it makes you think and get to the facts sooner in regards to shooting over around or through.

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