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    Hi all, long time no see 🙂

    Anyways, ive tried to play recently but just fail to connect, sometimes it says connecting (wit ip address underneath) it stays like this for a while then i get a dialog box with all of the players names and it says Disconnected. Other times i can actually get into the game and even manage to type a few lines of text before all goes quiet and it appears i have been kicked but its hard to tell because the game stays on but is just inactive.

    What have i tried to fix it? Well ive downloaded it again and re installed, ive tried the graphx setings every way (yes i have a slow machine) Athlon1800xp, 800 meg RAM, Built in graphx
    Things that have changes recently. New Router.

    I have an ADSL connection, 2M download 400k upload and a wirless connection between my laptop and router.

    I have pinged the main server and get a consistant 41-45 ms ping.

    Game works fine offline.

    Could there be any ports i need to open or anything like that? I really dont know, im clutching at straws here.



    Laptops Daddy
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