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    Can V38 be installed without having to remove V37? I don’t want to install OVER V37, I want to leave V37 undisturbed & install V38 :

    1. Will two different versions co-exist in two entirely different directory structures?
    2. Or will there be conflicts with …
      1. WinXP registry entries?
      2. WinXP libraries / .DLLs?

    @gcamp wrote:

    I have slightly changed the format of the accessories.xml file for version 38.1.

    Is V38.1 available for download? Or was this the version that was released shortly after the original V38?



    If you download the zip w/o installer they can coexist as long as you back up the xml’s in your documents. That’s the only real problem. You’d have to keep exchanging xml’s to play different versions. The only thing that’s stored in registry is install info for the game. If you use v38 with the installer, it will overwrite installation values and it’ll be a pain when it comes time to uninstall.

    And no 38.1 is still not out yet.



    I think the only problem you will have is with the display.xml files.
    However that would also be ok if you use 2 different windows accounts, one for each version 😉

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